5 Must Do Fall Races

This was a topic for the Friday Five linkup (hosted by Cynthia, Mar and Courtney) at some point, but I think I forgot to write a post then, so I’m doing it today. There are so many fun races going on that I want to share with you all! (Also linking up at Fitness Friday with Jill Conyers).

I’m an OCR enthusiast (obviously, Mudder is part of my “name” in the fitness world) so many of these will be obstacle races. I can’t say enough that if you haven’t tried one, you should! They are seriously so much fun and I just want to share my love of them with everyone! In fact, many of my friends are at Killington, Vermont this weekend, competing in the Spartan Beast and Ultra Beast; I’m wishing all of them the best of luck and telling them to KICK ASS!! I can’t wait to hear all about it when they get back.

Savage RaceI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- Savage is one awesome obstacle course. The obstacles are built well, the race is put on by a great team that knows what they’re doing and they have a fun but challenging course set up. Florida gets to see them twice a year: once in the spring (around March) and once in the fall (October). I’m not sure if I will get to make the one this fall, as I have weddings to attend (sigh- why can’t friends plan their weddings around my OCR schedule?), but I’ll definitely be doing this one again at some point. I can’t wait to take on their new obstacle…

I've heard that these things spin as you are hanging on to them. Sounds challenging and awesome.
I’ve heard that these things spin as you are hanging on to them. Sounds challenging and awesome.

Battlefrog SeriesI participated in my first Battlefrog race in Atlanta and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to do so! Last year was their first year in the business and they were quickly hailed as an up and coming race that could possibly rival Spartan in popularity and difficulty. They’ve had a few setbacks and changes since then, so they’re not quite where they want to be yet, but they are a new company still and there’s plenty of growth opportunity for them. This is definitely not an event to be missed. At right around 5 miles, it’s one of the “middle distance” OCR’s that is a great step up from the 5k distance. And they have some seriously challenging obstacles- I would definitely say they are as challenging, if not more so, than the Spartan Sprint!

I'm so glad these were the people I got to do my first Battlefrog with! The encouragement and support they gave me was amazing!
I’m so glad these were the people I got to do my first Battlefrog with! The encouragement and support they gave me was amazing!

Tough MudderBeing the huge Tough Mudder advocate that I am, I couldn’t skip adding this one to the list! There are many reasons to challenge yourself with a Tough Mudder, some of which I’ve listed in this post, but it’s definitely an event to try your hand at. It was my first “big” OCR event and I was hooked after my first one!


RunDisney Avengers Half MarathonThis one is still on my bucket list- I love the Avengers and think it would be awesome to run a race themed around them! Plus it would help me get my Coast to Coast medal, which is definitely something I’m coveting.

That medal!
That medal!

Florida Halloween Halfathon OR Freaky 4 Miler: These are both on my list because I want to do both and couldn’t decide which one would be more awesome. The Florida Halloween Halfathon is part of the Florida Road Races series, which has multiple events throughout the year. However, a Halloween event is the epitome of awesome! They give prizes for best costume awards- and who doesn’t want to dress up and run?? The Freaky 4 Miler is part of a Miami Halloween running event (there’s a half as well) and I really just like the name. They also do awards for best costume and I think it would be awesome to run in Miami- I’m sure they know how to put on an epic party!


So there you have it! My top choices for fall races- if only I could do them all this year! (The fact that I can’t leaves me with choices for the following years though).


Do you have trouble choosing which races to sign up for? What are your top must-do events?


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    1. I’d love to try it someday, but it would require some serious training. I’m not sure I have the time to devote to training for that at the moment. I do love watching them compete on TV though! They have some crazy difficult courses!

    1. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience! I know that’s not the norm though. Disney races are so much fun! Even though they are pricey I highly recommend doing at least one.

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