Weekly Training Log: 8-31 to 9-6

Last week wasn’t the best week in training. I started coming down with a cold when I got back from my birthday weekend trip, but fought it off (or so I thought) with some organic ginger shots from Fit2Run and some cold medicine. This week it came back in the form of a stuffy nose. Not only do I hate stuffy noses in general, but they suck when running because it means you can’t breathe right. My paces weren’t where I wanted them to be this week in training, but hopefully it was a fluke brought on by super humid weather/my stuffy nose and limited breathing capacity.

Monday, August 31: Rest day. Since I ran Sunday this week, I decided to take Monday off.

Tuesday, September 1: I don’t usually run on Tuesdays (because I work both jobs) so I didn’t run today. It was also my mommy’s birthday! Say Happy Birthday to an awesome and beautiful mom! (Yes, I still call her mommy sometimes. No, you’re not allowed to judge me.)

From back row left: Troy (my Uncle, RIP), Aunt Chris, Aunt Sandy, Grandma, brother Dakota, my mom, me, Tony (uncle) Bottom Row: Chance (age 12!), Tristan (cousin), Aunt Ange
From back row left: Troy (my Uncle, RIP), Aunt Chris, Aunt Sandy, Grandma, brother Dakota, my mom, me, Tony (uncle) Bottom Row: Chance (age 12!), Tristan (cousin), Aunt Ange

Wednesday, September 2: 2.61 miles at easy pace (11:35/mile).


Thursday, September 3: Went on the FunRun from work tonight. Did 3.10 miles in a little under 37 minutes. NOT happy with my time here, but ironically I ended up being one of the first ones back from the run, which made me feel a little better. Maybe I wasn’t the only one affected by allergies and the weather!

Friday, September 4: I didn’t run today, but I did finally get my Garmin! I’ve talked about this a lot so I’ll just say I’m happy and move on 🙂

Saturday, September 5: 7.01 mile Long Run. First run with the new watch. It works brilliantly! My pacing wasn’t so great (12:12) but like I said, there were conditions to that. I also think next time I do a long run I will get out earlier. I didn’t end up starting until almost ten to seven, and since the sun rises at 7:15 in these parts, it didn’t give me much time to run in the cooler weather.


Total Weekly Mileage: 12.72 miles

Weekly Goals:

  • Improve my pacing on this week’s runs
  • Do well in my 10k on Sunday (I definitely want a course PR- last year I ran the same race in 1:12:21. I’d like an overall PR too but I’m trying not to concentrate too heavily on that.)
  • Get 16 miles in this week (I made a goal to hit 60 this month and I need to average about 16 a week from here on out if I want to do that.)
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  1. I love my Garmin. It is so cool to actually see every aspect of your run. It seems like a lot of people have been getting sick lately, hope you feel better. Great job on your runs.

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