TOTR: Balancing Running, Work and Other Obligations

When does running interfere with “real” life duties? Or when do “real” life duties interfere with running? Finding time to manage all the things I need to do on a daily basis can be a challenge. Working two jobs (sometimes 15-16 hour days), chores (hello, dirty laundry basket!), budgeting (it’s really easy to spend a LOT of money eating out when you’re constantly out and about), working training into my schedule (I prefer to run 4 days a week, but lately have only been managing 2-3) all combine to make it pretty stressful for me occasionally.

September wasn’t a very easy month for me to juggle- I was sick half the month so my running suffered. The other half of the month I was injured (pulled muscle in my back and hamstring) so I took some time off for recovery. This month I’m in a wedding and have another to attend, so I’ve been pretty busy on the social life front. None of this leaves me much time for running, so it’s a constant struggle to find time to squeeze runs in. On top of that, during the week I really only have time for 30 minute runs due to work/other chores and errands. This means I’m logging a LOT less mileage than I had hoped/planned for October so far. In this respect, I’m really glad I pulled out of the Best Damn Race Cape Coral half this year. I’m not sure I would have done as well as I’d hoped with my training suffering as it has and really only having one good month (hopefully November!) to amp up my mileage.

i like to run

It’s also been pretty challenging for me to not feel resentful about the things that have kept me from running. I try not to look at things like weddings and my injuries as a burden (because who wants to be that friend?) but it’s really hard when I see all my runner friends and teammates having a good time at races that I haven’t been able to go to because of all my other responsibilities. Everyone says, “There will be other races!” And it’s true, there will be. It’s just challenging to watch all my friends out having fun and beating goals when I’m stuck stressing over all the details and obligations that come with real life.

Luckily, I’m about to kick it into high gear with my race season coming up. I was able to squeeze in one 10k in September, but October was looking pretty blank (and I hate to have blank race months)! Fortunately, I managed to register for Savage race, so I have the following schedule now:


Savage: Oct 25

Tough Mudder: Nov 8

Spartan: Dec 5

Battlefrog: Dec 12


I’m glad I have the chance to end my season strong, despite it’s lackluster beginnings! Of course, next year I don’t have as many other obligations to worry about (I guess I should be thankful most of my friends decided to get married in a few months time span!) so I will be able to shoot for my next big OCR goal: the elusive Spartan Trifecta.

spartan trifecta

How do you plan your training around other obligations when you’re busy?

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10 thoughts on “TOTR: Balancing Running, Work and Other Obligations”

  1. I agree, it sucks when things get in the way. The thing is, when you decide to take on a big race, you know you have to make sacrifices. That means not seeing friends, going to bed early, etc. A couple years ago, I was training for a half and had a revelation after another “no we’ll be back early I promise” night out turned into a wee hours outing. I just decided, that’s it. I need to say no to things if my running is that important. Sometimes it sucks, but I never regret it. I hope you have some luck finding balance!
    Ali @ Hit the Ground Running recently posted…Back on TrackMy Profile

    1. Well, now that the wedding is over I’m getting back into my routine! I think that was the main issue- I couldn’t say no to the wedding, but it was such a time sucker these past few weeks!

  2. Sometimes it truly is a battle to fit working out into my crazy schedule and people always look like I’m a little insane (which I probably am!!) when I tell them that I’m up and working out by 4:00 AM Monday-Thursday in order to get my workout in. It’s the only way it will happen so I just suck it up; but it means no staying up late to watch TV and pretty much making dinner and then going to bed. I’m keeping my old lady cred totally legit. LOL

    Sounds like you have a lot going on but that you’re doing your best to fit it all in! Can’t wait to watch you achieve your trifecta goal!
    Kristen recently posted…Vixen Capri Skirt Giveaway Winner!My Profile

    1. I can’t wait to get the trifecta goal! I know what you mean- my old lady cred is right there with you! Friday nights it all catches up to me- when asked what my plans for this Friday were I responded with “having no pants on and eating ice cream.” That’s totally legit for a Friday night, right?

  3. I make running a priority whether I have to get up hours early, or not fold the clothes etc. Running is my therapy, it is my me time.

    1. I agree that we make time for what’s important for us. I can’t do it early though, due to work. I get up early enough for work. If I were to also try to run in the morning I’d have to go to sleep around 7pm!

  4. I, too, suffer from race envy (is there such a thing?!). A bunch of my friends are running the Detroit Marathon and it’s driving nutso that I won’t be running it with them. Woe is me, right?

    I hope you reach you trifecta goal.

  5. It has taken years for me to set-up my work life to be the background event. Now Family and my social time are my main events. MudRunFun has helped me get in the position I am today. My training is a lot less than is should be due to commitments, workload and just plain old American laziness. I feel your pain when you are balancing out a schedule and trying to decide what is more important to you. Most times what is important to you, is not what is important to everyone else. I miss a lot of friends kids Birthday Parties. I feel horrible but it is what it is.
    Damion Trombley recently posted…GORUCK Light (HI) 2016-12-10My Profile

    1. MudRunFun helped me to find myself when I was in danger of losing that! I’ll be forever grateful to the group for pulling me out of my shell and helping me have fun again. I definitely try to prioritize OCR’s with everyone when I can because that is my “me” time! Thanks again for an amazing weekend at Savage race 🙂

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