5 Gifts Under $50: 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Runners

Christmas is coming up sooner than expected…wait…it’s actually at the same time it always is but that doesn’t cease to surprise me when I realize that it’s only 5 1/2 weeks away! Every year I say the same thing, “I’m not ready for this!” Anyone else? Today I’m linking up with the ladies from Tuesday’s on the Run (MCM Mama Runs, My No Guilt Life, Marcia’s Healthy Slice) for their 2016 Holiday Gift Guide!


**DISCLAIMER: Some of these products have affiliate links which means I can make money if you click the link to purchase them. I’m also an ambassador for several companies and received some products free or discounted. However, all opinions are my own and I truly love the products I represent (or else I wouldn’t represent them!)**

1. Pro Compression Socks: 

If you follow me on Instagram or are my Facebook friend, you’ll see there is no shortage of Pro Compression socks in my pictures. In fact, the last time I checked I think I currently own 40 pairs of their amazing socks! I started wearing them back in 2014 when I first became a runner and have worn them religiously ever since my first 10 miler race- they have a multitude of benefits which include keeping your muscles fresh and strong during activity, helping with recovery after an activity, keeping your legs warm if it’s cold outside, helping prevent scratches and bruises if you do obstacle racing like me, and looking ab-so-freaking-lutely adorable with all their awesome prints and colors! I love these socks and the best thing is there’s always a discount code to go along with them so you can pick up a pair for yourself or a friend and don’t have to break the bank! Use code GIFT16 to get 40% off this amazing holiday sock below! (Releases in early December).

The new 2016 Holiday sock!
The new 2016 Holiday sock!

2. Nathan Hydration Handheld Water Bottle:

One of the best gifts I ever received for Christmas was the Nathan Hydration Speedraw Plus insulated water bottle. I use it on almost all of my runs under 10 miles. It holds 18mL of water or your preferred hydration beverage and that lasts me to about 10 miles personally. It’s a great little bottle that has an easy means of carrying it (no grip, just slide your hand through the hold attached to the bottle and run) and it also has an expandable pocket to hold all your necessities on the run (phone, keys, ID, credit card, cash). AND it only costs $24.99, so if you want to grab something extremely useful for your runner friend that doesn’t cost a lot, this is it.


3. Sweaty Bands:

I have quite a collection of Sweaty Bands that I’ve accumulated over the years. It’s become tradition for me to purchase at least one new one every time I go to a race expo. I also order them online as well when they come out with new designs. I’ve worn them for almost every major race I’ve had and they really do work at keeping your hair back, which for me is excellent because I get major ‘sweaty race head’ syndrome (read: extremely frizzy fuzzy hair around my face that looks horrendous in pictures). The good thing is you can grab a single band for between $12-$15, so it makes a great stocking stuffer for the runner in your life. They also tend to have deals around the holidays, so you can get multiple packs for less than purchasing individual bands. My referral link is: http://sweatybands.refr.cc/VLD8F89 which will get you 15% off!


4. Medal Hanger/Display

For a really meaningful gift for that special runner, you could go with a race medal display hanger. Many of us runners like to display our hard earned ‘bling’ on our walls or in our offices so we can see how much time and effort went into the planning and preparation of racing. It also brings back feel good memories to see those pretty medals hanging on display in our homes. Gone for a Run has lots of different memorabilia for runners, but one thing I’ve always loved from them is their medal hangers. They run anywhere from $30+ depending on which one you purchase and how much you customize it, but the good thing is you can get cute ones for the under $50 budget or if you want to make it more personalized there are options to do so.

Most of the ones at Gone For a Run have cute sayings like this on them.
Most of the ones at Gone For a Run have cute sayings like this on them.

5. Oofos Sandals

Of all the things I chose for this list, these may be the closest to that $50 mark, but they are SO worth it. I wear my sandals EVERYWHERE. Seriously, everywhere, even to dinner. My mom can’t stand it because she doesn’t like them, but I value comfort and the Oofos are seriously comfortable sandals. When I had to stand for hours working the expo they saved my poor, tired feet from becoming more crampy and irritable. After a long run, putting these on feels divine. I’ve convinced several friends I have to try them- even non runner friends enjoy them! The basic sandals start at $44.99 and the ones with more decoration and the “ooh lala” collection cost more. I’ve always been happy with my basic ones though!


Well, there you have it! Those are my top picks for runner gifts under $50. Runners love to receive gifts they can actually use, so that’s the category my list fell into. Hopefully this gave you a helpful start to your shopping list!

What gifts would you like to receive as a runner? Have you tried any of the products I mentioned here? Do you ever buy gifts for yourself (I know I do ;-))?



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12 thoughts on “5 Gifts Under $50: 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Runners”

    1. Bad hair days come often for me in Florida with really curly hair lol! I buy myself compression socks all the time. Sweaty Bands not as often. But I still love them!

  1. I need that water bottle. It looks so much more ergonomic than any I have. I also need a couple more medal racks. Gosh that holiday sock is festive!

    1. The nathan bottles are my favorite. I have several different ones and they are great for all distances.

    1. They are so great! I ordered mine this morning when they dropped and I’m so glad I got them in time because I missed last year’s.

  2. I would be happy to see any and all of these in my stocking! What a cute medal hanger . . I don’t have one and may have to drop a hint to hubby

    1. Hi! So sorry it took me so long to respond…Black Friday weekend was crazy for me working in retail! I agree! I always buy more when I’m at expos 🙂

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