Gasparilla Amber Challenge + Tri Training Begins Week 3: 12/12-12/18

I hadn’t really figured out how I was going to add triathlon training to the mix yet, but then I went to Beginner Triathlete and created a new training plan for the Sprint distance triathlons. It was kind of a cool experience to customize my own training plan; even though for the sprint distance it doesn’t have the traditional ‘long’ runs, I’m no stranger to tweaking plans for running training, so I figured I’d do the same thing here. What I really needed to work out was getting all my workouts in my calendar- I use the Passion Planner to plan my weeks, and when I have the workouts written down in my week and highlighted it makes it much more challenging for me to ‘skip’ a workout. If I do, I have to look at it for the rest of the week and know that I got lazy and skipped it, so it holds me more accountable. Anyway, here’s how my last week in training went and how I’m doing things moving forward. Linking up with Tricia + Holly for the Weekly Wrap!

Monday, December 12: Fun run with my downtown crew. I did 3.1 miles easy paced (for me about an 11:00/mile pace). It was nice to run again on a Monday night! (shoes: Brooks Glycerin 14’s)

Before the Monday night fun run

Tuesday, December 13: 5:45 am Cycle Bar class- biked 6 miles this morning. Whew! Then I went to run with the UTC crowd for their Galloway training group. We did 4 miles tonight at an average pace of 11:30/mile. Another easy run night. (shoes: Asics Nimbus 18- Comic style)

Wednesday, December 14: Starting next week, this will be my swim day, but this week I had a rest day.

Thursday, December 15: 5:45 am Cycle Bar class; followed up with a 2 mile tempo run @ 10:30/mile. I underestimated how challenging it is to run right after biking, but if I can keep up that pace for race day, I’ll be happy. I cycled 7 miles. (shoes: Mizuno Wave Creation 17’s)

Running after cycling- beautiful sunrise!

Later tonight, I went to see Star Wars: Rogue One. It was a pretty good movie! I got lots of compliments on my Wookiee hat. 🙂

It’s a pretty awesome hat if I do say so myself.

Friday, December 16: Rest day today.

Saturday, December 17: This morning I didn’t get a chance to get a workout in because I had breakfast with the training group from my store and then worked. I would like to get a swim workout in on Saturday’s but currently the only pool I have access to is only open 9:30-6 and I usually work between those hours.

Sunday, December 18: I went to meet the Lakewood Ranch running crew this morning and did 10 miles- my first double digit run since October and before I got injured! It felt great to be able to do a long distance again! Well, not super great while I was in the final miles haha. But overall it was a very good run and I felt better than the ones I did in October so that’s kind of funny to me. Maybe the cross training is paying off? Anyway, I’m happy to be able to knock out this kind of mileage- four weeks from now I’ll be running my first half of 2017!

Stretching after the run- I wanted to get mostly my socks in this picture

Total Running Miles: 19

Total Cycling Miles: 13


Starting next week, my schedule will be as follows:

Sunday: Long run

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: Bike/run

Wednesday: Swim

Thursday: Bike/run

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Swim/bike

Hopefully I can stick to this schedule so I get all the practice I need before race day in April! I have several races before then, but I’ve done multiple half marathons by now, so I’m not as nervous over those as I am about the triathlon. But you know what they say…’If your goals don’t scare you they aren’t big enough.’ Right?

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9 thoughts on “Gasparilla Amber Challenge + Tri Training Begins Week 3: 12/12-12/18”

  1. I did my first sprint triathlon last summer (plus three more!). That feeling you get when running after biking is such a weird thing. It feels like you are dragging cement blocks and your brain won’t talk to your body. You’ll love it though (this will be your first?). I found those races to be a nice diversion in our sickening summer heat. How exciting to have your first half of 2017 only a few weeks away. Good luck! Thanks for linking, Montana

    1. Yes it will be my first triathlon! I’m excited and nervous at the same time lol. I thought along the same lines you did- it will give me something to keep me motivated during the summer. I will also be starting marathon training around that same weekend so it will be nice to have something to keep me going during out hot summer months. I may do another one over the summer if I like the first one. 😉 And yes, my first half is so close! I’m super excited!

  2. You seem to rotate through several different brands of shoes…are they all similar (neutrals or stability) or do you incorporate different styles based on the activity? I have been using the Brooks Adrenalines,but recently got a pair of the Revennas…both are stability/support…but they have different degrees of support. I’ve only been doing short runs (marathon recovery), so I haven’t felt any noticeable difference between them…yet.

    1. I run in neutral shoes so they are all in the neutral category. I do tend to use different shoes based on level of activity. I have certain heavier cushioned ones I use for long runs and my lighter ones I tend to wear for speedwork or tempo runs. However, I work in a running store so that’s why I have so many different ones. I’m always buying the latest styles and trying them out. It has two benefits: not only do I get to go through all the brands and find out what works best for me, but I am also better equipped to discuss the benefits of each shoe with my customers when they ask about what shoes are best for specific types of training.

    1. I always try to increase my goals. One thing I love about running is you can pretty much never run out of goals to aim for!

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