Gasparilla Amber Challenge Training Week 7 & RunDisney Marathon Expo: 1/1/17-1/7/17

This has been a crazy week! Despite saying that I wanted to continue to train during expo week, my training did kind of fall off the tracks this week. It’s really challenging to continue to train while I’m traveling- running outside in a foreign area is something I’m not totally comfortable with because I don’t know where I’m going (and I’m super prone to getting lost) but the hotel I was at only had two treadmills and one elliptical so unless those were free at certain times I couldn’t do those either! Here’s my week, linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap!


Sunday, January 1: Literally did nothing today. I was contemplating going to work out class or something, but this was my only day off all week and I knew I’d be working pretty hard this week so I opted to have a rest day.

Monday, January 2: No workout today; I worked for a few hours in the morning then drove to Orlando to help unload trucks for the expo. Then we went to dinner at the Ale House with a huge group…what a fiasco that was. The total wait time for our table and food ended up being almost 2 hours- I blame the lack of communication on the manager/staff. They really should have told us it would be that long and we could have gone somewhere else. Anyway, I’m planning on logging a complaint online as soon as I’m done writing this post. Food was decent, but nothing special.

Tuesday, January 3: Woke up early and got a 4 mile run on the treadmill in. It’s so hard running on the treadmill- I have to play all kinds of mind games on myself while I’m running. This time I just counted down in 10 minute increments, “10 minutes done, only 3 more 10 minute blocks to go” while running. It worked and I got through it.

My run from the first morning we were there.

Then we went to set up the expo. After that we went into Downtown Disney for a beer and some awesome food at Earl of Sandwich. We also had a chance to see the drone show above the lake, which was pretty awesome. And I scored a sweet new Darth Vader coffee cup.

Wednesday, January 4: Today was the first day of expo, and also the longest day. Disney advertised that the expo was open from 12-8 but they opened the doors at 10am. (What?!) I don’t get it either, but it sure was a hella busy day. I was nonstop all day. We were given like 15 minutes to eat pizza for lunch around 2 pm; expo food isn’t always the healthiest food. But after it was all said and done we headed back to the hotel and ate our dinner in bed then passed out.

Thursday, January 5: I was intending to get up today to run, but I was just so tired from the day before that I didn’t. I wish I had now, but oh well. Today’s hours were a little better- the expo was 10-7 and it wasn’t as crazy as the previous day because less people come for packet pick up the second day.

I rocked my new Darth Vader socks because sometimes you just need to channel your inner badass.

Friday, January 6: I actually got up early and went to the gym but all the treadmills and the elliptical machine were in use so I couldn’t use any of them. Seeing as though it was pitch black outside and I don’t know the area that well, I opted to use the stationary bike instead and biked 7.21 miles on that. Definitely not the same as running, but some cardio is better than none right? At least that’s what I’m telling myself. This was the third day of the expo and it was back to being pretty busy with all the Goofy Challengers & half marathoners picking up their packets. Throughout the day we kept hearing Disney making announcements that the course may be shortened for the half marathon due to potential storms in the area. Right as we were closing the expo they sent out the announcement that the entire half marathon had been cancelled due to weather. At first most of us were confused- it didn’t seem bad outside. But overnight I heard thunder and saw lightning through the hotel window- the kind of thunder that was so loud it shook the windows. I think Disney made the right decision. The volunteers and workers and all the racers would have been extremely exposed out there and Disney would have had a lot bigger problems on their hands if they had let the race go on as planned and someone got struck by lightning.

Saturday, January 7: Despite the fact that the half had been cancelled, Disney runners rallied and set up a makeshift half marathon course at the Pop Century resort complete with water stations and aid stations and cheer stations! Everyone came together to support the runners who couldn’t run the official race. A lot of people ran this makeshift race so they felt that they earned the medal they received for the 13.1 miles. It was really a testimony to the will and passion of the running community that they did this.

An ‘aid station’ set up by onlookers.
Makeshift “character stop”
Supporting the runners- what other community does things like this? 🙂

Expo was shortened today so we all had the chance to sleep in a bit. It ran from 11-4:30. After that we broke down everything and headed back to our homes! I just felt bad for the Miami people who had to drive 6+ hours to get back to their houses. I was able to go to a friend’s house who lived about 45 minutes away so I didn’t have to worry about driving all the way home that night.

Overall, it wasn’t the best training week. Despite my best intentions, I only had the chance to run once and bike once. I guess I could have gotten up and ran on other days, but honestly I was just so tired from working that I opted to rest. I feel pretty well trained for Star Wars half next weekend- I’ve gotten in 2 10 milers and a 12 miler so I know I can finish the distance and feel pretty good. I’m going to try my best to run a bit this week before I leave for California and also maybe get a run in during my time at the hotel there, but I’m not super worried about it. I’m just planning to work and enjoy my time in a new state, plus do my best to be well rested for the race next Sunday!

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    1. I work for Fit2Run so I work at the expo with them. Usually I run register because I’m fast at it. We bring an assortment of things to sell at expos. You know, compression, nutrition, foam rollers…all the stuff runners typically forget 😉

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