Weekly Wrap #16: I’m Actually NOT Training for Anything Right Now

Guys. This is the first Weekly Wrap I’ve done where I’m NOT actively training for something! I know, I know, you thought it would never happen. I mean, I have some races in the next two months, but I’m using them as training runs and not trying to break goals or PR. My next training block doesn’t start until end of April/early May when I begin training for the Chicago Marathon. So basically my next two months will look like this…

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Monday, March 6: I took a much needed two days OFF from everything. I thought about going for a run today, but decided to just take a lazy day instead. Though I did go shopping and do laundry, so there’s that.

Tuesday, March 7: Finally back to working out…I went to OTF today. It was a “power day” workout and I knew I was in trouble when she said, “I’m not telling you what the workout is until we get in there and lock the doors.” It ended up being 10 x 1 minute sprints at an ‘all out’ pace (currently for me between 7:30-8:15) with a minute of rest in between. Total mileage: 2.5 miles. Then we went to the weight room where we did skater lunges, goblet squats, ab work, push presses and jump squats. Whew! That was an intense workout. Since I was out of town I went to the closest OTF to me…I love how you can just drop into other OTF’s even if you’re traveling out of state. Makes workouts super convenient.

Wednesday, March 8: Boot Camp at GYM SRQ tonight! First I worked 9-5 then I headed over to boot camp class. Today’s workout was “would you rather” style, so Lara had us pick between two types of exercises which we did for 2 minutes and then we did a “dumpster dash”- running to the dumpster at the end of the plaza and back. Each dash is about a quarter mile, so total mileage was 2.25 miles. Some of the workouts we had to choose from? Burpees or box jumps. Push ups or dips. Deadlifts or squats with plates in our hands. She sure knows what torture is. 😉

Thursday, March 9: Went to the fun run at the other store tonight for the first time in a while! I was intending to do 3 miles, but then my running buddy Sean made me go all the way around the lake, which was like 4.5 miles instead. I told him he makes me make bad decisions when we’re together. Haha!

Friday, March 10: Started my morning with a CycleBar class- rode 6.5 miles. It was super fun- dance music and high energy. Then I was going to go run at night with some friends who are training for World’s Toughest Mudder but they changed the location of the run last minute to a different park that’s about 40 minutes away from me instead of 10 minutes. So I didn’t end up going because I didn’t feel like driving that far away that late at night. I’m not really a night person- I’d much rather wake up early and run instead of going out late at night.

Sweaty post CycleBar selfie!

Saturday, March 11: Took today as a rest day. Gotta get that recovery in somehow!

Sunday, March 12: Long run Sunday! I’m still not doing high mileage- trying to keep my body rested and give it time to recoup between Gasparilla training and full marathon training so I don’t overdo it. It’s really refreshing to run just what I feel like and not have a prescribed plan to stick to or worry about pace or distance. Today I went out for 3 miles with my mom- we went to a local hill called Celery Fields and I ran 3 miles, she walked 3. She even joined me at the end for a bit of running! I’ll turn her into a runner yet ;-).

Gorgeous sunrise.
Shoe and sock shot…as always.

Total mileage this week: 12.25 

Do you prefer having a training plan or do you like to wing it? What do you do when you’re not training for a race? 

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap #16: I’m Actually NOT Training for Anything Right Now”

  1. Funny, I was just looking at my calendar today and noticed that I have 8 weeks after my 5K goal race until marathon training starts, and I was sure I was going to wing it and run whenever I felt like it during that time. I want to start marathon training being excited to train and work hard, and since I usually love structure, unstructured running will be great before training. I laughed hard at this: “I’m not telling you what the workout is until we get in there and lock the doors.” I can see why she said that–tough workout!

    1. Right? Trap us and then tell us what the workout is…hahaha. I feel the exact same about marathon training- I want to be excited about it. That’s why I think being unstructured in this time is a good idea. I just want to enjoy running and mileage and not feel like I ‘have’ to hit a certain pace or distance or time. I’ll have enough of that in the coming 5 months!

  2. I’m sort of winging it right now myself. I do have some half marathons on the schedule but am trying hard to just rebuild right now and not overdo (as I tend to always do!). How fun your Mom joined you for a run. You’ll make her into a runner yet. Thanks for linking, Montana!

    1. Yes I was so happy! Sometimes she’ll come out and walk while I run but this time I managed to convince her to do a lap with me doing the walk/run method. It was pretty awesome! Thanks for hosting!!

    1. Yes to both! Haha right now I feel refreshed that I don’t have to hit certain target workouts but also a little unmotivated knowing I don’t have specific mileage goals. It’s like I could go for a long run…or I could just do 3-4 miles. (And let’s be honest 3-4 miles usually wins right now.)

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