Weekly Wrap #17: One Week Up, One Week Down

Ever since Gasparilla ended, I’m finding it hard to get back into a rhythm with my training. This is why I typically always have a race on my schedule- once I’m training for something and have a plan I’m good, but in the “between” times I just can’t get it together. Last week, for example, my training pretty much sucked. I ran Monday (3/13) with the fun run and then I went to bootcamp on Wednesday (3/15) but we didn’t do any running. We did a BUNCH of push ups and my upper body pretty much wanted to fall off, but I didn’t run again until the Sarasota half on Sunday! Linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap!

Even though the week before the Sarasota half was busy and I skipped a few workouts, I feel like I got somewhat back on track the week after.

Sunday, March 19:

I ran the Sarasota 1/2 as part of a relay team. At first I was planning on running the ‘whole’ half distance myself, but as time got closer and I realized how unprepared I was, I didn’t want to risk injury by running 13 miles on sub-par training. When a friend decided last minute she wanted an entry into the relay, I decided to see if they would change my entry over to be her relay partner. Turns out they did! We ran the relay together Sunday- I was relay #1 and she was relay #2. The first relay partner gets to run over the bridge and onto St. Armands Circle and back. It’s slightly less mileage because we have to do the bridge, but I didn’t mind the tradeoff. I was also glad to do the first part before the sun fully rose because it was hot later in the day. Plus when I traded bibs and sent my relay partner off, I got to cheer on all the runners who were coming back! One of the first runners I saw coming back was one of my employees- he came in fourteenth overall in the half with a finish time of 1:24 and change! I was suitably impressed- it was his first half marathon. Anyway, Sunday I did 6.2 miles and then finished the last 1/10th of a mile with my partner. It was an awesome experience and one I’d totally do again!

My relay partner Edelma and I post race
Running around mile 4 of the half

Monday, March 20:

Tonight we had a Saucony demo at work, so I had the chance to try the new Saucony Triumph ISO 3’s. It was actually a really great run- I was surprised that I felt so good after racing the previous day. Normally I don’t have super awesome runs post-race, but I really felt great. Plus the Saucony Triumph ISO 3’s are a great shoe! I really enjoyed running in them. It’s much different when you test a shoe in the store as opposed to running outside in it, so I usually try to take advantage of testing out new shoes when the reps bring them in to try out.

This run surprised me!

Tuesday, March 21:

This was a rest day, and I worked most of the day. It did feel really great to sleep in after the last five days working and being exhausted though!

Wednesday, March 22:

This was my first day off after the crazy weekend! I went to brunch with my mom before taking her into work (she was letting my younger brother borrow her car) and then I relaxed for most of the day. I took a table out to GYM SRQ for their member appreciation day and to promote Fit2Run and also took their boot camp class that I typically take on Wednesday afternoons. At first I thought I’d run afterwards because I had to pick my mom up and there’s a convenient track right behind her work, but after seeing the workout Lara had in store for us I quickly changed my mind! She called it “squats will save your life” but I changed the name to “death by squats.”

Yeah, this totally killed my legs

Thursday, March 23:

Today I spent time reading a new book I picked up- called “The Stranger Beside Me” by Ann Rule. Someone in a group I am in on Facebook recommended some true crime stories by her- I can’t believe I haven’t read her books before! Being how interested I was in true crime back in my college days, I should have read these. This book is about Ted Bundy and it is actually very insightful and interesting to read about a first hand account of the man she knew compared with the vicious killer the world saw. Then I went and got my hair cut- just in time for it to start warming up some. It feels so light and fresh now!

New haircut!

Anyway, after spending the day relaxing and reading, I went to the fun run at the other store. I planned on doing an easy 4 miler and I switched my intervals to 60/30 rather than the normal 90/30 I do. It worked well for me- despite my legs feeling a bit heavy from the previous day’s strength training workout, I felt pretty decent.

Beautiful sunset by my favorite lake 🙂

Friday, March 24:

This was a rest day, and I worked all day.

Saturday, March 25: 

Another rest day.

This past week was pretty good! I feel like I was able to get back into a rhythm, which will likely continue into next week as I’m headed to Amelia Island for an immersive course in the ON shoe brand. I can’t wait to come back and share some of my knowledge with you!

Do you feel “off” when you’re not training for a certain event? Have you ever traveled for work? Do you mix up your workouts?


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2 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap #17: One Week Up, One Week Down”

  1. I’ve never run a relay race. I’d like to though. There aren’t that many races around here with that option. What a great perk of your job to be able to try all the different shoes. I’d love that! I used to read a lot years ago and I remember reading some Ann Rule books. Patricia Cornwell was another favorite who wrote good crime stories too. Thanks for linking, Montana!

    1. I’ll have to check out Patricia Cornwell then! I really enjoy mixing it up with the reading. My job does have awesome perks 🙂 Thanks for hosting the link up!

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