Weekly Wrap #19: I Can’t Stop Racing!

I have an addiction…to racing. It’s actually quite a serious addiction. I sign up for things last minute all the time…like when I just signed up for the Iron Girl 1/2 marathon in Clearwater and ran that this morning (Sunday, April 9th). Hey, at least its a healthy addiction right? Linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap!

So this isn’t going to be about Iron Girl- that recap will probably be next week sometime when I get the pictures back. But as for my previous week in training:

Sunday, April 2: 

I went for a 6 mile easy paced run today, averaging an 11:37 pace. It was pretty humid and hot outside- a sign that Florida is definitely heating back up. I’m wondering now why I signed up for a full marathon in the fall, forcing myself to train over the summer. Oh well, at least I know there won’t be a lapse in my training like other years right?

From my Sunday run

Monday, April 3: 

Went on the fun run from my store and did 3.1 miles @ 11:50 pace. Another easy run- I’m doing a lot of easy running now, focusing on building up my mileage for marathon training.

Tuesday, April 4:

Rest day and I worked all day- literally. A cleaning crew came to my store this morning so I had to be there at 7am, 3 hours before the store opened. Needless to say I got lots of office work done today. It was also a good day to be at work because my order from Salomon came in today. Aren’t my new trail running shoes pretty??

Gorgeous new trail shoes!

Wednesday, April 5: 

Another rest day. I worked in the morning but did pretty much nothing the rest of the day.

Thursday, April 6: 

I really wanted to have another nothing day, but I had planned to go meet a new group of runners at the World of Beer in South Tampa to help promote Tough Mudder. So off I went to this new fun run and ran in downtown Tampa to Bayshore, where most of Gasparilla takes place. It was a good 3.3 mile run, and I surprised myself by averaging a 10:04 pace.

Surprised myself with this tempo run!

Friday, April 7: 

Rest day. I actually went grocery shopping and made plans to meal prep. I packed my lunch on Saturday so it’s a good start, right? (Ugh, I’m so bad at this.)

Saturday, April 8: 

What a crazy day!! Started off with me opening the store and it was crazy busy! We had four people working (pretty decent crew for a Saturday) and still didn’t have enough people to individually help customers. We were with two-three people each. Then after that calmed down, I left to go to Clearwater to pick up the packet for Iron Girl. The entire drive my GPS switched between me arriving at 4:58pm and 5:01pm. Packet pick up was supposed to end at 5pm and I was so nervous I wouldn’t make it in time! I drove like a bat out of hell haha. As soon as I got close to the park where the expo was, I hopped into a parallel parking spot, ran around the corner and dashed over to packet pick up. I was really hoping they didn’t monitor parking on weekends because I didn’t even stop to check or put money into the meter, I was just trying to get my packet before they closed! I finally got over there and was able to pick it up successfully, but what a heart attack inducing moment! When I got back to my car, I checked the meter to put money in and saw that the previous person who parked had 21 more minutes left on their time, so I chalked it up to my good luck since I was literally only parked there for 5 minutes or so. After I got to my friend Krystal’s house we chilled for a bit and then went to Carrabba’s (one of the race sponsors) for dinner- they gave us coupons in the emails they sent for 15% off. I indulged in a glass of wine (which I normally don’t do pre-half marathon) but since I wasn’t aiming for a PR or anything I figured one glass wouldn’t hurt. Then we went back to Krystal’s place and I promptly fell asleep on the couch after foam rolling around 10pm!

Photo of Krystal and I from the 2015 Iron Girl 1/2- my first half! Two years later, I came back to run it again.

Iron Girl 1/2 marathon race recap to come soon! <3

Have you ever almost NOT made it to packet pick up in time? Do you ever have an alcoholic beverage the night before a race?

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap #19: I Can’t Stop Racing!”

    1. Haha me either! But normally I don’t drink before a race if I want to PR. I don’t know maybe its superstition?

  1. Girl I am right there with you on the addiction! The struggle is real isn’t it!
    Ohhh I do love those bright leggings your wore on Tuesday with your new shoes. What kind are these anyway?
    To answer your questions yes and most definitely a drink before the race!

    1. It is real! Last night I won a free Rock n Roll race entry at my corporate meeting- this has got me thinking I could do 8 half marathons to gain another level in the half fanatics…sigh. Lol. My leggings are Dona Jo. I think it’s an old print, but they still have some cool colors on their website.

    1. Red wine helps me sleep, but I’m always worried it’ll affect my performance. Apparently it didn’t in this case!

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