Chicago Marathon Training Week 3: May 14-20

Back for another round of the Weekly Wrap with Tricia and Holly! I had a super busy week last week; I can’t wait to tell you guys about it!

Sunday, May 14: 

This was the last day of my three day weekend- a weekend that included no running. I did go to CycleBar again this morning (first time in over a month!) and had a pretty awesome class. Rode 14 miles. So at least I was a little active 😉

My mom and brother went skydiving for Mother’s Day- I’m not that crazy (and I have a serious aversion to heights) so I kept my feet on the ground, but I did take my mom out for dinner and a movie when they got back!

Monday, May 15:

Because I felt bad about missing all weekend long runs I went for a tempo 6 miler this morning. I was able to keep a pretty good pace for me for the whole 6 miles so I was happy about that. Afterwards I worked all day but I didn’t go on the fun run that night because I ran in the morning. We’re getting back to the evening storm season so I keep hoping that they don’t interfere too much with our fun runs!

Tuesday, May 16:

Tonight I went over to another local fun run and did an easy 4 miler. The plan I decided to follow for marathon training was the Hanson’s Marathon Method, which I wrote about in an earlier post, so I’ll be doing a lot more running. I kept tonight’s run easy paced though, around 11mm pace. It was super hot! I got a little “lost” on my run- took a wrong turn in the neighborhood because everyone was running much faster than I wanted to run and I’m not super familiar with the route! So really it was 4.10 miles!

Wednesday, May 17:

Went for a morning swim this morning! Did 1000 meters, kicking drills, pulling drills and some freestyle and breaststroke practice. I did learn that my watch doesn’t detect movement when I’m doing kicking drills because I’m not moving my arm so it only recorded 700m of my swim.

Thursday, May 18: 

Normally I would have gone to the fun run tonight at the other store but I had a bachelorette party to go to! So I woke up early and got in 3.5 miles of speedwork instead. Honestly it was a tough run. Last week’s speed work seemed to go much easier than this week’s session. I went to a new park that has a .5 mile loop and did 800m repeats. I struggled to keep the pace I was supposed to- I’m assuming due to the intense heat and humidity, even that early in the morning.

After working I went up to St. Pete to celebrate with my friend Courtney- she got married this past weekend and had a small bachelorette party on Thursday night at Painting with a Twist! It was a fun night and my painting didn’t turn out too bad!

Friday, May 19: 

Normally I would have run today, but I skipped it because I was so tired from a late night Thursday night. After work today I headed back up to St. Pete to hang with the entire wedding party. We spent time at the hotel bar and had drinks and food and some time on the beach. It was a pretty fun evening!

Toasting to Brian and Courtney’s last day before they got married! Cheers to the happy couple!

Saturday, May 20:

Wedding day! I started by waking up around 6:30 and went out for a run. Since I missed Friday’s run I just combined what I was supposed to do Friday with Saturday’s mileage for 8 easy miles. It was pretty hot and it was hard to keep up in some parts. Where I was staying there wasn’t anywhere to run besides a local park that doesn’t even open until sunrise so the sun was already up when I started. Even though it was hot, the trail was shaded some so that was pretty nice and breezy in some areas. However, I did encounter a seriously creepy guy on a bike who yelled, “Baby, baby, baby, lookin good!” when I passed just in my sports bra and running skirt. I’m not ashamed to say I threw a rock at his bike and hoped it would lodge in the wheel and cause him to crash. Asswipe. Why do guys think its ok to talk like that to random women?

I’m not here for your entertainment…you don’t really wanna mess with me

Anyway, after my run I went to get a pedicure before the run- it was pretty relaxing and my feet thanked me for it. Then it was time to get down to the wedding! My other half was part of the wedding party so I dropped him off then I became the wedding errand girl. I opened the reception site for the vendors and made sure everything was in place and set to go before heading across the street to the wedding site. The ceremony was beautiful- at least the rain held off until after!

Almost as soon as the ceremony was done though it started to pour. Since most of us parked our cars across the street and walked to the wedding site we all got soaked trying to get back to the reception area. It was still a really good time though! I had fun dancing and celebrating with good friends!

Brian and I post wedding at the reception

It was a crazy week, but I managed to get all my planned miles in, even if I had to restructure a few workouts! Starting a new week of running, this time without a wedding or many plans. Hopefully this week will be a good week too!

Have you ever been to Painting with a Twist? How did your week in training go? Do you still get miles in when you have a busy week?

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