Triathlon Training/Chicago Marathon Training Week 1: April 30-May 6

Well it’s official friends- Chicago Marathon training started this week! I opted for a 24 week plan to gradually increase my mileage so I don’t overtrain or get injured like I’m prone to do. Most of the ones I saw online were 18 weeks or 16 weeks so I just added another few weeks in there.  I’m also currently training for the Siesta Key Sirens Women’s Triathlon in June, so for cross training I get to swim and bike a LOT. Linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap!

Sunday, April 30: 

Today’s planned workout was a 3 mile run and a 30 minute swim, but because I worked earlier today than I did Saturday, I switched days and did the brick workout Saturday. Sunday I went to Siesta Key and ran 4 miles. I was planning on joining in the local fun run on the key for an additional 3 miles (which would have made my total 7 miles) but some festival was going on and it appeared as if no one was running, so I didn’t get the chance to do that.

Pretty hot out for a run.

Monday, May 1:

Every Monday we have our stores fun run, so I ran with them tonight. We did a slightly different route that didn’t include the bridge because it was super windy. It was fun! We also demoed some ON shoes– I wore my CloudFlyer’s which felt pretty good. It was the first time I had run in them. Guess they are officially a part of my rotation for now? I also had to get rid of my beloved Saucony Ride’s- after the previous day’s run on the key I realized the Saucony’s were hurting my feet, which means no bueno. We had a good year, Ride’s!

3 miles Monday night

Tuesday, May 2: 

The planned workout was a speed day at the track, but I went for a bike ride with my friend Jennifer instead. I was going out of town later this evening and I knew I wouldn’t be able to take my bike with me so I decided to swap workout days. We rode 20 miles today- that’s the longest I’ve ridden!

I also went home and registered for the Princess half marathon weekend Fairy Tale Challenge- *sigh* Disney always gets me. Anyone else doing that one?



Wednesday, May 3: 

Since I biked yesterday, the only thing I needed to do today was a strength workout- which I didn’t. I was fully enjoying having a day off and not having to work, and I got lazy. We just laid around in bed all day and really did nothing but watch movies and eat- but doesn’t everyone need those kinds of days sometimes?

Thursday, May 4: 

Back to my daily grind- I went to the pool in the morning and did a 20 minute swim workout. Then I got dressed and went to work to follow that up with a 3 mile run that evening with our sister store’s fun run. It was May 4th- May the Fourth be with you! (Star Wars day- I’m such a nerd) I wore my Wookiee hat to the fun run. My friends there laugh at me but they say they love that I’m such a nerd and not afraid to show my true colors.

Post swim selfie
Later on a run with my UTC peeps!

Friday, May 5: 

This was a rest day. All I did today is work.

Saturday, May 7: 

I ran the training group out of my store for the Saturday morning run. We had various people doing different distances, but the majority of us kept it at 6 miles. It was such a gorgeous morning for a run! I really enjoyed the late spring nice weather- it was in the 60s! We have been having hot and humid weather lately so it was a nice change. I can’t expect it to continue though; hopefully we will get a few more late spring cold fronts in the morning!

Gorgeous morning out for a run!

This week was a good week in training! I logged the following mileage:

Running: 16 miles

Biking: 20.55 miles

Swimming: .42 miles

QOTD: How much are you willing to spend on a race registration? 

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6 thoughts on “Triathlon Training/Chicago Marathon Training Week 1: April 30-May 6”

    1. They are getting more and more expensive each year. Each year I say I’m not doing any more Disney races but each year they suck me in.

    1. I typically go heavy fall to spring too, but this year my last major goal race was Gasparilla at the end of February, so I took March as my “off” month and didn’t do anything over 10 miles. It was nice to have a small break. I’m hoping Chicago can keep me motivated to get my training in over the summer since that’s usually when I slack off! I’m definitely planning on a reduced fall season this year though; I’ll take a well deserved break after the marathon. The Fairy Tale Challenge is both the 10k and the 1/2 marathon in the same weekend. It’ll be a magical weekend 🙂

  1. How fun to be training for a triathlon and Chicago. Congrats on your longest bike ride too! The Disney Marathon and Half are the same price. So, you get more for your money if you do the full! Right? Also, I don’t think races will get any cheaper in the future. I’ve never even heard of ON shoes. Thanks for linking, Montana!

    1. It’s a bit challenging but yes it is fun! I’m enjoying the swimming and biking workouts. As far as Disney, yes the full and half are the same price. So that would be my logic too 😉 I can’t imagine seeing cheaper prices- if anything they may get more expensive!

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