Triathlon Training/Chicago Marathon Training Week #2: 5/7-5/13

Well this was a crappy training week. I’m not happy at all with my running mileage. I intended to do my weekly runs like normal and then get in a weekend long run but it didn’t happen. The weekly runs went fine but the weekend long run got cancelled due to thunderstorms in my area (seriously, we haven’t had storms for months and you pick the one time I’m about to run? You could have done it earlier in the day, weather!). I tried several times to get out the door Saturday evening, but every time I tried there was lightning, so no go for me. I’ve gotten stuck in a lightning storm before and it was anything but fun. Linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap.


Sunday, May 7: 

Today I woke up super early to go volunteer at a local triathlon, the Longboat Key Triathlon. First I worked the check in tent where we gave out packets and bibs to the racers; then I was transferred to the Sprint turn around where we directed the cyclists either straight (Olympic distance) or to turn around for the Sprint distance. It was a cool experience, working the triathlon. The athletes cycled fast. When I got in my car to return to the finish area, it took me a while to catch up with the lead cyclist in the Olympic race. He won the race, finishing in around 1:38- for all three disciplines. For a 10k alone (the distance of the run in an Olympic triathlon) it takes me anywhere from 1:04-1:10 depending on weather. And that’s just for one of the three disciplines! Needless to say, I was impressed.

After that I went to work. I was supposed to do a swim/bike workout after work but I was too exhausted to even think so I ended up home and in bed by 8pm.

Monday, May 8:

Today was the fun run day, as always on Monday nights. We did the 5k fun run over the bridge and back. It was a good run tonight, medium effort for me. It was fun to run with Sherri and Jennifer in my neck of the woods!

My running buddies came to see me for one of my fun runs!

Tuesday, May 9:

Woke up early this morning to meet Leslie and Jennifer for a swim workout! Swam 650 meters in the pool we now all belong to. It was much more fun with friends. I used a pull buoy for the first time this week and I really think I need to invest in one- it really helped with me being able to concentrate on my arms and breathing when you take the kicking out of it.

Pool workout in my new mermaid swimsuit.

After work, I went to the track and met with the Manasota Track Club for TNT- Tuesday Night Track. We did repeats of 200m followed by a short 40m recovery. It was a painful workout but I was super happy to see paces between 7:50-7:30 for the majority of the workout! Granted they were only 200m repeats, but it was a big confidence booster for me.

My paces for the track workout- I was floored!

Wednesday, May 10: 

Wednesday’s are supposed to be strength training days, but due to a call off at work I was unable to make it to the gym in time to take the class I like to take on Wednesday nights. I improvised, but I was upset that I wasn’t able to get the real workout in.

Thursday, May 11: 

Today we did our first outdoor brick workout! Leslie, Jennifer and I met at Benderson park and rode 10.22 miles around the park on our bikes. Then we racked our bikes and drove over to the UTC Mall to go on the Fit2Run fun run there. We ran 3 miles. My legs felt dead the first mile, which was expected. I finished strong though. After that I headed up to Tampa for the weekend- and that’s where my downfall began.

My first outdoor brick workout.

Friday, May 12:

Friday was always supposed to be a rest day, so it was nice to literally do nothing all day except relax and watch movies. Friday night we went to a class at Kona Swim Bike Run to learn how to change your bike tires and then had dinner at a new place in Wesley Chapel called Capital Tacos. It was pretty good food, and the class was informative! Hopefully I remember what to do if I ever get a flat!

My bike tire after it was all taken apart

Saturday, May 13: 

Today’s workout was supposed to be 10 miles at night- the reason I was doing it at night was twofold: 1) I wasn’t scheduled to come back from Tampa until the afternoon, and where I’m at in Tampa doesn’t have anywhere close by to run (it’s not really Tampa, its on the outskirts in the middle of nowhere- the closest place to run is a 30 minute drive one way) and 2) I planned to run these 10 miles with a friend who was also doing the Unmasked Run for Your Life 10 miler- a virtual race put on by the Hogwarts Running Club.

Unmasked Ten Miler medal

Hogwarts Running Club is a group of Harry Potter fanatics who also love running and giving back. The runs are organized to support a charity- you register and your money goes towards whatever the sponsored charity is. This time it’s the To Write Love on Her Arms charity dedicated to finding help for those struggling with suicidal thoughts, anxiety and depression. I know several people with anxiety so this charity is special to me for that reason. However, our planned ten miler was thwarted by thunderstorms in the area. Originally we were supposed to meet around 7:30, but I tried to go out again around 8 and it was still storming. Eventually I gave up and we made plans to do it another night. But that leaves me with a missed long run this weekend that I couldn’t make up. Being that Sunday’s workout was a scheduled long bike and swim, it wasn’t possible to move the run to Sunday instead. I don’t know about you, but I really hate when I miss a planned long run. It just makes me feel like I’m losing fitness- even though I know that’s totally irrational.

Harry Potter book quote

So my total mileage this week wasn’t that great:

Running: 9.3 miles

Swimming: 650 m

Biking: 10.22 miles

Hopefully we won’t have storms interrupt our runs scheduled for this week! I only have 21.24 miles in for May and I was hoping to be closer to 60-70 miles by the end of the month so I really need to get some miles in this month. At just over 300 miles total for the year, I’m about 35% of the way to my goal of running 1,000 miles and I really want to make that goal this year!

QOTD: Do you freak out when you miss your long run- even though its only one run?

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10 thoughts on “Triathlon Training/Chicago Marathon Training Week #2: 5/7-5/13”

    1. I’m sure you’ll be ok with that! I’m not sure the effect, but it’ll probably have a similar effect on you endurance wise!

  1. The long run is a tough one to miss. I feel like the shorter ones during the week can be moved around, but the long run can’t really be made up. I wouldn’t worry too much about it though! Theres nothing you can do about the weather.

    1. I know. Also this was the first one of training so it’s not like I won’t have others to run in the coming months. I just hate missing long runs.

  2. You had a really busy week! Your running clubs sound like a lot of fun! I keep saying I’ll go back to running with a group and it never happens, lol. I love the swimsuit – very cute!

    Don’t be too hard on yourself about missing the long run – clearly, you still were very active during the week! I don’t think it’ll hurt you in the long run, no pun intended!
    Janelle @ Run With No Regrets recently posted…OOFOS OOmg Recovery Shoes ReviewMy Profile

    1. It is and I know there will be bigger,more important ones down the road. Still messes with my head though!

  3. It bothers me when I miss a Sunday run and have to push it to Monday. Then, I have 2 long runs in one week. The numbers are too wonky for me! LOL. I wish I could take a class on how to change my bike tire! I always worry about that. I ride with a kit but would be clueless as how to use it! My current plan is to use my phone. Ha! It would be fun to volunteer at a triathlon. There are so many parts and triple the logistics! Great job on those 200 intervals! Thanks for linking, Montana!

    1. Thanks Holly! I hate missing weekend long runs, so I’m glad I got it done this past weekend! I’m going to have two long runs this week though because I’m doing a virtual 10 miler on Thursday, so my numbers will be wonky too! I don’t know that I’ll remember everything I was taught in the tire changing class, but I hope I do!

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