Chicago Marathon Training Week 10: 7/23-7/29

Here we are again for another week in the Chicago Marathon training plan! This week started off good but got to a rough spot when I went to Georgia for the weekend for a friend’s wedding. We have a tropical depression forming in the Gulf right now which is seriously messing with my workouts. It’s been crappy and rainy since last Thursday morning, so most of my workouts have been getting cut short by the storms :-(. Linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap!

Sunday, July 23:

Today we did our work meeting and we had a Galloway 5k beforehand. I really like the fact that we were able to do this, because a lot of people misunderstand the Galloway method and it was helpful to have everyone run it so they could experience it themselves. Even if they don’t like it, understanding it is the first step, so that was definitely beneficial. I had a great 5k and felt pretty good the whole time, despite our late start at 8am. After that we had the most decadent donuts ever from Five-O Donut Company, a new donut place that opened up in Sarasota. I had an Oreo donut- complete with chocolate frosting, cream cheese and oreo cookies on top! It was fabulous.

Monday, July 24: 

Today I did the swim with the OutRival group- Wednesday and Friday’s sessions were cancelled due to the club meeting Wednesday night and everyone going for their major training weekend in Clermont this weekend. I got in 1050m worth of swimming and it was a pretty good workout. Unfortunately I will be moving to Riverview in a few weeks and will be unable to continue working out with the group, so one of the coaches was kind enough to give me the phone number of someone in the Tampa area that does organized group workouts I can connect with. Then I went with the RunClub for my Monday miles and got a nice, faster than anticipated 5k in. It was fun to run with some new people and chat with them. I like getting to know new runners. We also celebrated Carrie’s birthday today!

Happy birthday Carrie! (In yellow in the middle)

Tuesday, July 25: 

This morning I went to the Tuesday Morning Track session and knocked out a great 3.5 miles of speedwork! The workout was 4x800m repeats followed by a 200m rest then 4x100m sprints. For my sprints, I was putting up some amazing paces: 6:55, 6:42, 6:59 & 6:22! Granted that was only for 1/16 of a mile, but its definitely faster than I’ve ever run before!

Great track workout today!

Wednesday, July 26:

Today was a rest day and the first day all week I had the chance to sleep in so I took advantage of it! I worked and then went to the Sarasota Storm Triathlon club meeting where I won a Panera Bread giftcard! Yay for free coffee!

Thursday, July 27:

This morning was bridge repeat morning! I went to the Ringling Bridge around 5:30am and got in some bridge repeats. I was aiming for 8 miles, but on my 5th up I saw lightning strike the water and decided that meant it was time to leave. I’m not one for risking my life while running. So it ended up only being 4 miles. Then I thought I would go to the runClub at UTC later on, but it turned out my mom and I went shopping for my new townhouse, so that ruined any running I was planning on doing! It’s ok though because I’m happy I at least got some miles in!

Damn storms stop messing with my workouts!

Friday, July 28:

Today I woke up at the crack of dawn middle of the night for bootcamp with the frents! It was a good class that revolved mostly around cardio (apparently this wasn’t the norm- but today she decided to have us doing cardio). I got in 2.5 miles of running during the camp and some body-weight exercises like squats, burpees and push-ups. That evening I drove up to my friend Krystal’s house because we were going to see our friend Alex in Georgia the next morning!

Only people who can get me out of bed at 4am on a Friday…

Saturday, July 29:

Originally I had planned on a run this morning before we left for Georgia; I decided to sleep in though because I knew we had a long day ahead of us. I really should have run though, seeing as though I wasn’t able to get a run in while we were in Georgia. So basically I missed this weekend’s long run of 15 miles. According to other marathon runners, missing one long run isn’t the end of the world, but it’s definitely not something to make a habit of. That evening, we went on a ghost tour of St. Simon’s Island and got to hear the history of the island from the 1600’s to now. It was pretty cool to hear all the stories!

He started by telling us about this ship that was doomed to sail the waterways forever because of their plundering ways- very Pirates of the Caribbean like. I looked very hard for this ghostly ship but it didn’t want to make its presence known to me.

Apparently sightings of the ghostly ship have been reported off the coast for years.

We followed that by a story of a lighthouse keeper named Fred, who apparently got into a feud with his friend over his wife whom his friend was sleeping with behind his back. This ended in Fred getting shot and killed and he still wanders the lighthouse today, taking care of it. I thought I saw Fred’s shadow in the window of the lighthouse ;-).

See Fred up in the window?

We also stopped by a haunted park that used to be an Indian burial ground (honestly there are probably still some Indians buried there) and were told if you look closely enough, you can see their faces in the trees! They were mostly killed off when the white settlers came to the island and brought Smallpox and other diseases with them.

I didn’t see the Indian face, but no lie I felt a ghostly presence in this park so something was there!

It was a fun tour, even though I didn’t have any definitive ghost sightings, it was fun to be able to learn more about the history of the island! I definitely want to go back and explore more when I have more time on my hands.

Have you ever taken a ghost tour? Seen a ghost? Do you panic when you miss a long run during training? 

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6 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 10: 7/23-7/29”

    1. Thanks! Ghost history has always fascinated me so this was right up my alley. We are going to New Orleans next year for another race so I’m definitely planning on taking a tour there. The history of New Orleans fascinates me!

  1. Great track work! Yikes, good call in cutting your workout short due to lightning! I’ve never taken a ghost tour but sounds fun and interesting. I wouldn’t panic if I missed a long run but I’d try to make it up maybe the next day.

    1. The plan I’m following is lots of running so I haven’t tried to make up any missed workouts yet. Since I haven’t missed more than one day I just go on to the next workout. If I missed a few days…that might be a different story.

    1. Good to know about long runs! I’ve decided life happens and panicking is only going to screw with me mentally before the race. I think paranormal things are fascinating so that’s my obsession with ghosts lol.

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