Chicago Marathon Training Week 7: 7/2-7/8

Well it’s been a while since I’ve done an official training reacp! It’s been a few weeks since I wrote anything at all. I can’t explain it, but I’ve been having trouble motivating myself to write these past few weeks. I’m not sure if that’s because during the summer I feel there is very little to write about- I mean, it’s really just training and little else. Previously in the summers I really didn’t do much running, so I didn’t even have training recaps to fall back on! Something about the summer- it’s just kind of a slow, boring season. Am I right, or is that just me? (I also think I’m the only one who dislikes summer- everyone else seems to look forward to it, but I always look forward to fall and winter)!

Anyway, here’s my training recap for week 7! Are we really in week 7 already?!?! Linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap!

Sunday July 2: Not much happening today, besides the sale at my store! I worked all day but it was also a rest day, which felt nice.

Monday, July 3: This was my first official day as part of the OutRival Racing group in Sarasota. If you haven’t heard of this group, it’s a national group that has branches in several cities, and it’s triathlon coaching. It’s awesome because it provides coached workouts in both swim and bike and accountability. I know several of the members so if I miss a day they call me out on it!  Today’s workout was a swim in the morning. The workout was a little outside my skill set, so the coach had me working mostly on drills like pulling, kicking and stroke drills. For my first “coached” session, I think it went pretty well!

My uber cute mermaid swim suit!

Then tonight I did 4 miles with the RunClub for the 3rd of July fun run! We had a pretty good time- it was a small turnout, but most people were getting the long weekend started early!

This was the weather forecast for tonight’s run.

Tuesday, July 4: I usually don’t get holidays off, so I decided to take this one off! I went to the beach with my friend Allison for some fun in the sun! We had a pretty rough time at the beach- it’s too long to go into a lot of details, but they were super rude to my pregnant friend Lauren for bringing a cooler of plain water onto the beach (this beach had a “no coolers” rule). I really think they should relax this in favor of pregnant women- it’s a medical necessity to stay hydrated! After the beach disaster, one of Allison’s friends rescued us and took us out on a boat for the rest of the afternoon. I ended up getting super burned but we had a really good day!

Wednesday, July 5: My sunburn was so bad today I did absolutely nothing all day. I couldn’t be outside for more than five minutes without my whole arm feeling like it was on fire so that ruined all plans I had of working out today. I did manage to get an indoor cycling class in at CycleBar, but the sunburn messed up my yoga plans (I couldn’t do hot yoga with my body as sunburned as it was!)

Thursday, July 6: I knew today was going to be another “indoor” day, but I really needed to get a run in, so I did something I haven’t done for a loooong time…I ran on the treadmill for 7 miles! I’ve never done 7 on the treadmill before- the furthest I think I’ve done is 5. I put on a good Harry Potter audiobook and just tuned out for the 7 miles though. It was really nice to have something to keep my mind occupied.


Friday, July 7: Another swim day! This time it was a lot harder than Monday. I think swimming is so technical that I get frustrated with all the components…she says “Keep your head down,” and I think I am but apparently not enough. She says, “Your kick needs to come from the hips,” and I try but it’s hard to focus on that and breathing at the same time. So we go into the shallow end and practice kicking techniques. It’s just kind of boring to do all these drills when what I really want is to increase my swimming capability. I mean, I know these drills will help me do that, but it doesn’t feel like all the little parts are going to come together anytime soon, you know?

I posted this picture on IG and I got comments saying I looked like I was 12. How rude! (It really kind of pissed me off)

Saturday, July 8: Today was the day of my longest run during marathon training so far…13 miles! Luckily I have some crazy “frents” who are willing to run with me- even when they aren’t training for the same distance! Hollie and I knocked out the whole 13 today and it actually felt pretty great. I was definitely way hotter than I’d like on the last half, but overall felt pretty good. Getting this distance in made me more confident for long runs in the summer- the furthest I think I’ve run prior to this in the middle of July was 7 miles.

My running “frent” Hollie and I after a 13 mile long run!

Marathon training is definitely off to a good start I’d say! I haven’t hit the longest runs yet, but I’m getting into the longer distance long runs this month. This was a good week in training overall- despite my frustration with swimming, I’m learning that patience is key in that particular aspect of the sport!

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12 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 7: 7/2-7/8”

    1. Thanks! The suit is from and I got a great deal on it! I love that site. The swimming and cycling I’m trying to keep up with…we will see how it goes.

    1. I usually try to give myself a “weekend” even if it’s not the conventional one. Having two days off in a row really helps, especially because you get to relax one day and do chores and catch up on stuff the next!

  1. Your mermaid suit really is cute – I love the colors and pattern. Bummer on the sunburn. I hope you’re feeling better now. On drills, I feel the same way about running drills but they do pay off!

  2. I think its awesome that you are getting some coaching in swimming! I did one free session with a lifeguard at my gym a few years ago to learn the basics. I can swim, but not well. The hardest part for me is the breathing!

    1. It really is the hardest part. That and when the coach tells us to focus on certain things (like our kick) but then also wants us to focus on our stroke. I get confused and my form goes to shit halfway through haha.

  3. That’s such a cute mermaid bikini! I need to try audio books once I start training for my next marathon. I think I’d take looking 12 over getting the senior discount every time I go to Publix on a Wednesday. [Heavy Sigh]

    1. I don’t know, you don’t get discounts for looking 12! I might take that senior discount 😉 Audio books are a lifesaver. I’m not much for music, so the audio books really help me with long runs!

  4. I can’t believe they didn’t let your pregnant friend bring water. That’s craziness. I had major issues with dehydration when I was pregnant and it wasn’t even in the summer. I would not have been happy about that situation. Looks like you had a good week (even if you got sunburned!).

    1. Right?? This is what I said. We even offered to let them look inside the cooler to make sure we weren’t trying to sneak anything like alcohol on (we weren’t) and we were purchasing things from the restaurant so it’s not like we were sitting there not buying anything. Definitely won’t be going back there and left plenty of negative comments on yelp and facebook about them!

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