Chicago Marathon Training Week 8: 7/9-7/15

I remember training for my first half and how it used to hurt after I ran 10 miles. I remember increasing that mileage to 12 for the next few halfs and how I felt so accomplished after those runs- at the time my longest ever. Well, today, I pushed back that wall just a bit further and completed 14 miles- my longest training run ever! We are officially in week 8 of marathon training folks- that’s almost halfway through my marathon training cycle! How did we get here already? If all goes as planned according to my training schedule, I will be hitting my first 100 mile month this month. Whew! Linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap!

Sunday, July 9:

Today was a rest day, workout wise. I did have to work, but I didn’t do any workouts, which was nice.

Monday, July 10: 

I was supposed to wake up early and go to swim practice, but a certain someone (ahem, significant other!) turned off my alarm clock and I slept through it. Oops! Oh well, I still got in a good 3 mile run today, and to top it all off my new Pro Compression socks had come in the mail, so I was able to wear those too! I love new sock mail days.

Birthday socks! For Pro Compression that is. My birthday isn’t until next month.

Tuesday, July 11:

Today was track Tuesday. I got my lazy butt out of bed early to hit the track. The workout was 8x500m repeats at interval (threshold) pace. It was pretty intense and a tough workout! I love seeing my track times in the summer and thinking of how much easier these paces will be when the weather gets better. Right now its hovering in the high 70s in the early morning, and quickly moves into the 80s during the workouts. So I can only imagine how amazing this will feel when it hits the 60s!

Wednesday, July 12:

Today was supposed to be a cycling day, but my day was mostly taken up with some personal stuff- more details to come on that later. It took me out of town all day and overnight though so I didn’t get a chance to cycle.

Thursday, July 13:

After resting in the morning, I went to the RunClub at UTC for a quick 3 miler. It was hot and humid, but we got it done. It was also Sean’s first run back from vacation- we’re all glad to have our running buddy back!

We call this piece, “Sean and his bitches!”

Friday, July 14: 

I managed to wake up in time to do my pool workout this morning. A few good things happened! 1) My coach told me I had a really good kick and was improving on form. 2) I was able to do 2 25m sprints in the allotted time- usually I’m much slower than the rest of the group. So yay! I really felt like my swim was improving today. The only problem is I didn’t bring my watch so I had no record of it! Sigh.

Saturday, July 15:

Due to my work schedule, I had to move my long run to Sunday this week, so technically I didn’t run today, but I am counting Sunday’s long run as part of this week’s training, because normally it would be on Saturday. My long run this week was 14 miles! That’s the longest training run I’ve had since I started running 3 years ago! It’s amazing what the human body is capable of. Every time I push my ‘wall’ back just a bit further, I’m so amazed by what I can do when I put my mind to it.

Marathon training is in full swing for me now. I’m glad I’m currently on a ‘cutback’ week…my training plan reserves every third week for a cutback so I can mentally prepare myself for the next push forward. So it’s 13,14 miles then cutback, then 15,16 miles, then cutback, then 17,18 miles, etc. I think I survived these last two long runs quite well, even though both felt like having a wet blanket over my head during the runs! This humidity is killer. I really can’t wait until it breaks, but unfortunately I don’t think that’s going to happen before the marathon itself!

What’s your favorite season to train? Do you prefer fall marathons (summer training) or spring marathons (winter training)? 

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6 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 8: 7/9-7/15”

  1. I definitely prefer fall marathons because I don’t mind the heat/humidity of summer (well, I don’t LOVE the heat/humidity, but I prefer that to the hit and miss rain and unpredictable weather of spring). I remember with my first marathon…like you, I was amazed how my body could just run a little longer each week without much extra effort. Running my “longest distance ever” each week was euphoric!
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted…Goodbye to the Gimp!My Profile

    1. I’m hoping I’ll feel that way after next week’s 15! We have hit and miss rain and unpredictable summer weather so it’s like all the crappy stuff happens in the same three month span. Plus lovebugs. Needless to say I can’t wait until fall haha!

  2. Congrats on completing a strong 14 miler! I agree, its amazing what the human body is capable of. I’m excited and scared about pushing my long run distance to 15 miles in two weeks. I’m very thankful that this week is a cutback week.

    1. Me too! I go between being excited and being terrified lol, especially because I’m pretty sure I won’t have a buddy for this one. The last two long runs I’ve lucked out and had a friend who’s crazy enough to run with me (even though they aren’t marathon training themselves). I did see something that sounded helpful in a Facebook group I’m in…a fellow Chicago trainee said she broke her 15 into 3 5 mile runs mentally. She said that helped. I may try it.

  3. Great job with your swimming progress and congrats on your first 14 miler! I ran my first marathon last year and it was my first time going beyond 13…it’s thrilling to see the miles increase week to week!

    I’ve only done one fall marathon so I’m not sure how training in the winter would go. I actually prefer winter running so I think I’d enjoy it, though the snowy weather can sometimes put a wrench in your plans.
    Janelle @ Run With No Regrets recently posted…Running 101: Greatest Tips for Summer RunningMy Profile

    1. Snow isn’t an issue in Florida haha! We just have much less humidity and better temps.

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