Chicago Marathon Training Week 9: 7/16-7/22

Finally a cut back week! I was really looking forward to the reduced mileage this week, giving my body the break it needed since I’d been doing higher mileage weeks lately. We’re in week 9 of Chicago Marathon training…halfway there! Linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap!

Sunday, July 16: 

Even though I technically did my 14 miler today, I counted it towards last week’s training since it was part of week 8’s plan. I just needed to wait until I had a day off so I could rest afterwards! I also hit 500 miles for the year today! That’s a big accomplishment for me because previously my highest mileage for the entire year was about 700 miles. This year I’m shooting for 1,000!

Monday, July 17: 

Today I took a total rest day. No workouts at all, just work. It was nice and relaxing.

Tuesday, July 18:

I skipped track this morning (Shame!) and ended up going to the beach runs in the evening. This was the first Tuesday I didn’t work late, so I had the option to do either. The beach runs were fun- we did a 4.3.2 relay where teams of 4, 3, or 2 people did 4 miles. I was on a two person team so we each did 2 miles. Race a mile, tag the next person on your team, race a mile, tag. It was pretty fun! My mile times were 9:18 and 9:19 respectively…not bad for as hot and humid as it’s been!

When you skip your planned workout…

Wednesday, July 19:

Since I didn’t do the swim workout Monday morning I headed over to the pool after work for the swim workout in the afternoon. It had been storming on and off all day, but we got in 35 minutes before they closed the pool. It’s a mark of how dedicated I’ve become to my training that I swam in a pending storm- I used to stay indoors away from all the windows and water when it was storming. Now I’m like, “Hmmm…thunder but no lightning, I can get a few laps in.”

Thursday, July 20:

This morning I woke up early and met some Sarasota Storm peeps for a bridge workout. We did a half mile warm up and then 6 bridge repeats, and a half mile cool down, totaling 5.3 miles. That wraps up my 5 miler tempo workouts- this week I’m moving up to 8 miles! Not sure I’m looking forward to doing 8 miles of bridge repeats!

Few people crazy enough to do bridge repeats…

Friday, July 21: 

Normally Friday would be a rest day, but I headed up to Tampa and went to the gym. Ran a mile time trial and came in at 8:20- my fastest recorded mile yet! I plugged it into the Galloway calculator on his website and came back with some exciting results- I’m definitely in reach of my current goal times on several race distances. Maybe project #breaking60 in the 10k is up next?

Saturday, July 22: 

I was going to aim for a brick workout today, but the storm stopped me from getting it in. I took my bike to the shop to be fixed because it’s front tire was leaking air, so I wanted to get it checked. They couldn’t find a hole or anything but ended up changing the tire for me just in case. Hopefully that fixed the issue! Regardless, I didn’t get a chance to ride my bike Saturday before heading up to my friend Alex’s bridal shower. We had a nice dinner and some fun outdoors afterwards. Next weekend she gets married so its off to Georgia I go!

That wraps it up for my week! I enjoyed the reduced mileage this week and was able to squeeze in some fun with friends. My current monthly mileage is at 70.41 miles, and if I keep with the plan I’m on this week I’m set to hit 100 miles for the month. Definitely aiming to get that mileage in!

How’s your training going? Do you enjoy cut back weeks with less mileage? 

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8 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 9: 7/16-7/22”

    1. Thanks! Yeah I love plans with a cutback week. I don’t think I could do super long mileage every single weekend!

  1. I love that you are getting in such a great variety of workouts even while marathon training! It’s great to be well “cross-trained” going into a race. That beach run sounds like a ton of fun …I don’t blame you, I would’ve chosen it over a track workout any day! 🙂

    1. Haha I don’t mind track so much but I don’t like the early wake up calls! One of my goals was to maintain different workouts for marathon training because I didn’t want to lose fitness in other disciplines.

  2. It will be some party at the Chicago Marathon.It seems like everyone is running it.

    I recently hit 500 too and my goal is 1000 as well.

    Congrats on your speedy mile!!

    Thanks for linking up.

    1. I know I’m excited to meet some more bloggers! I hope to see people I know at the expo 🙂

  3. Congrats on reaching 500 miles AND for an awesome mile time. I think eight miles of bridge repeats sounds pretty intense! Cut back weeks are nice and we definitely need them for recovery. They are also well deserved.

    1. Looks like I may be getting in an unintentional cutback week this week with this tropical depression weather we are seeing! 🙁

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