July Check-In & August Goals: TOTR

This Tuesday for TOTR we’re talking about July and how our month went in training. Even though the month isn’t technically over yet, we are 6 days away from August (for real, how did we get here already??) and it’s a good time to be able to rate the month. Linking up with Erika, Patty & Marcia for Tuesday’s on the Run!

July has actually been a really solid month for me. I started off with an 8 mile long run and helped my frent (no that’s not a typo- we’re frents not friends 🙂 ) Lisa hit her highest mileage on a training run ever! It’s really rewarding to run with someone and have them push their own boundaries.

Running frents are the best frents!

So far this month I’ve found someone to run all my longest runs with so I haven’t had to run them alone. It definitely helps to have people to run with. This weekend I’ll be tackling 15 solo miles though, so that should be a nice challenge.

Hollie runs long runs with me because she’s awesome! (She’s not even training for anything right now!)

I’ve stayed motivated throughout this marathon training program so far by setting smaller goals for myself. This month my goal was to hit 500 yearly miles in the Run the Year 2017 challenge as well as to hit my first 100 mile month. I’m well on my way; current monthly mileage is 77.28, which means I have 22 miles left to my goal! Fifteen of those miles will be this weekend for my long run so that leaves me with about 7.5 that I have to do outside that. Since I have an 8 mile tempo run scheduled for Thursday that’ll take care of it! It’s crazy to think of running 100 miles in a month- prior to 2017 I think my highest month was 75. And definitely not in the middle of July!

I’ve noticed that my speed and endurance has greatly improved with the consistency that I’ve had in training so far. Since December 2016 I’ve had relatively high mileage months without a break. While that’s kind of getting old now and I’m definitely ready to be done “training” for something, I’ve noticed a lot of improvements that have come with the consistent training.

For August, my goals are to maintain consistent marathon training and speedwork. I have two more full months to get through of training before the marathon. I’m definitely giving myself permission to take a break post-marathon, but I need to keep that consistency in beforehand. I’m also aiming to hit all my long runs- that’s going to be the deciding factor in how well I do in this marathon I think!

July Grade: A

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