Chicago Marathon Training + the Next 8 Weeks

I’ll be honest, these past few weeks my training has pretty much sucked. I spiraled into a busy three weeks, what with the wedding out of state and then moving to another city. I missed at least one key workout per week- even though I really didn’t want to. However, now we are 8 weeks away from Chicago and despite the “life” setbacks I’ve had, it’s time to crack down and get serious about my workouts.

This move has been all about finding a new routine, a “new normal” if you would. Since my commute is so much further and I’m away from most of the running routes I know and am familiar with, it’s been hard to adjust to running without my normal crew and trying to find a new crew to run with. As well as not getting lost- that’s one of my main worries, because I’m actually horrible with directions. I’ve joined a few new local running groups and plan to do some runs with them these next few weeks and hopefully I can meet up with other people who *may* be marathon training as well so I can find someone to buddy up with for weekend long runs? My other issue is that with my training, Galloway style, it’s hard to find someone who’s willing to run that way with me because many people I meet don’t use that style of training. Personally I’m not sure I’d make it through 15-18 miles NOT using Galloway and not get injured…and with it being so close to the race I don’t really want to change up my training and risk injury just to “fit in” with a new group.

My training for the last few weeks hasn’t been the best, but I haven’t fallen off the rails entirely, and I did manage to get a few good workouts in so here it is:

Tuesday, August 1:

Had a killer track workout for today. It was supposed to storm all week, but it passed through in one day and brought some cooler morning temps for us so it was actually a really good workout. This workout was 4 miles of 200m repeats followed by 200m recovery jogs.

Saturday, August 5:

This was where I tripped up  first…between the pre-move on Wednesday and Thursday and then Friday being a rest day, I didn’t actually run again until Saturday’s long run of 16 miles. I got through it but I learned I definitely need to start earlier because it was freaking brutal in those final 4 miles. Luckily I had a great group to run with- we did the first 7 with one set of our frents and then continued on for our extended mileage with just Hollie and me. Hollie is great to run with and a true motivator- she kept telling me “we’re almost done, you can do it, keep going!” Just what I needed to finish!

Love these crazy hoes!

Tuesday, August 8:

Today was my final track session with my Sarasota crew- at least for the time being. Once they switch it back to evenings I may pop down for a session after work, but at the time being I can no longer make the early morning ones. However. it was a great workout and I was happy with the paces I hit. (7:32, 7:14, 7:15, 7:31, 7:06, 7:15, 7:24, 7:26, 7:40) for my 300 m repeats with 100 m recovery jog.

Thursday, August 10:

Today was moving day and it was all sorts of hectic! I was originally going to meet up with a group in Tampa for a run, but in the afternoon we went over to Ikea to pick up some last minute things (like my mattress for the bed which came rolled up. Seriously, who rolls up a mattress? Only the Swedish apparently). After getting done at Ikea we got caught in some traffic as a result of an accident on 75 and it took us almost an hour to travel 4.5 miles. So that messed up my evening plans and by the time I got home and finished unpacking and setting everything up it was way too late to drive anywhere for a run so I just went out in the neighborhoods next to mine. It’s a good area to run if you’re in a crunch but typically i prefer to avoid major roads and run in more scenic areas. Anyway, I wasn’t able to get the full 5 miles in I was supposed to so I settled for 3 miles.

Saturday, August 12: 

This morning I met with a new group of women to run a new route in my area. We were supposed to meet at 6 and run, but what that really meant was ‘meet at 6 and socialize for 20 minutes first.’ So by the time we actually got to running it was already almost 6:30, which meant I had less time to run because I had to get ready and be to work by 9. I got an hour of running in which for me was about 4.5 miles. Originally I was shooting for 6 but again, some miles are better than no miles, right?

Sunday, August 13:

This was the hardest one. First of all, I was wrecked from the day before. I don’t know what it is, but if I wake up between 5-6 for a run I feel fine and am able to go about my day no problem. If I wake up between 4-5 for my run- forget it. I’m totally exhausted all day and ready for a nap. So Saturday I was wanting to nap all day and Sunday I decided to sleep “in” a bit before going to run. Now, normally that wouldn’t be an issue, but because I was scheduled for 10 on Sunday, it became an issue when I didn’t start my run until 6:45. Wayyy too late to start a long run in the summer. I was also waiting because, being new to the area, I don’t like running by myself in the dark. Just makes me uncomfortable until I better know the area I guess. So I ended up only doing 3 yesterday morning. Sigh. I was also just not feeling the run at all. I’m missing my crew back home and long runs with them, while at the same time, dreading doing long runs by myself. It’s just not a good mix right now.

These next 8 weeks I have to get back on the wagon though. I need to up my mentally tough game and just go do it. I can no longer skip runs or sleep in and not do them. We are way too close to marathon day for me to be able to miss long runs anymore or not do the runs the way they were planned. Coming up this week, I have 5 miles, 6 miles speedwork, rest day, 8 miles tempo, rest day, 6 miles easy, then a long 16 miles on Sunday. Here’s to getting back on the wagon and not screwing up my runs this week!

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How’s your training going? Does a major life change like moving throw you off track? When you moved to a new area, how long did it take you to get settled and find new running buddies? 

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10 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training + the Next 8 Weeks”

    1. Aw thanks! I’ve enlisted the help of some virtual friends to message/text me in order to keep me accountable and get me up in the mornings when I don’t feel like running, so hopefully the next 8 weeks will go well! It just seems like everything happened at once!!

    1. Thank you 🙂 Starting to find some new groups in my area and have met some nice people so far.

    1. Thanks, I think it’s just because this is my first marathon. If it were a half and I’d missed a long run or two I wouldn’t really worry. It’s the unknown that gets ya!

  1. I hope you enjoy your new city. Moving is stressful and you’ve been busy — so cut yourself some slack. 😉 You’ve got plenty of time before Chicago to get your mileage up. And, bonus! Miles run in the heat count double anyway (that’s my story!).

    1. Haha I like this idea!! By that math I’ve done 16 in this heat so that means I really ran 32? 😉

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