Chicago Marathon Training Week 13: 8/14-8/20

Here we are, thirteen weeks into training! I feel like it’s right around the corner…and I can’t really believe in less than two months I’ll be heading to Chicago! I can’t wait to run in better temperatures than we’ve been getting here in Florida. It’s summer and it’s in the 60s in the morning there! Well, not every morning, but at this point I’d take a few mornings below 70 over mornings pushing 90!

Despite the rain this still looks hella better than the weather I’m getting.

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Monday, August 14:

Planned: Easy 5 miles

Actual: Tempo 4 miles

I was scheduled to do 5 easy miles today, but I went out with a new group and ended up running with their group leader a bit faster than I normally would. So it turned into 4 tempo miles. I felt pretty good for most of it, a bit overheated, but good. I did learn a new trick- stuffing ice down your bra when its hot. It works really well!

Tuesday, August 15: 

Planned: 6×1 mile @ 10:50 pace

Actual: none

I had every intention of running today, but after work I hit some major traffic jams on the way home and missed the group run I was intending on going to. Then I was trying to find a local park or stretch to run on for my mile repeats, but everywhere I drove to had no sidewalk to run on! I was pretty frustrated but ended up just going home.

Wednesday, August 16:

Planned: rest day

Actual: 4 miles @ 10:10 pace

Since I didn’t get the chance to run Tuesday I went to a group run Wednesday morning with the MRTT chapter in Tampa. We did bridge repeats in Temple Terrace and it was a really good workout!

Enjoyed meeting these ladies!

Thursday, August 17:

Planned: 8 miles @ 10:52 pace

Actual: rest day

My Garmin has been telling me I’m “unproductive” with my training lately. For those not familiar with this feature, some Garmin watches will give you a ‘training score’ and tell you what category your training falls into:

From the Garmin website:

Peaking: Peaking means that you are in ideal race condition. Your recently reduced training load is allowing your body to recover and fully compensate for earlier training. You should plan ahead, since this peak state can only be maintained for a short time.

Productive: Your current training load is moving your fitness level and performance in the right direction. You should plan recovery periods into your training to maintain your fitness level.

Maintaining: Your current training load is enough to maintain your fitness level. To see improvement, try adding in more variety to your workouts or increasing your training volume.

Recovery: Your lighter training load is allowing your body to recover, which is essential during periods of hard training. You can return to a higher training load when you feel ready.

Unproductive: Your training load is at a good level, but your fitness is decreasing. Your body may be struggling to recover, so you should pay attention to your overall health, including stress, nutrition, and rest.

Detraining: Detraining occurs when you are training much less than usual for a week or more and it is affecting your fitness level. You can try increasing your training load to see improvement.

Overreaching: Your training load is very high and counterproductive. Your body needs a rest. You should give yourself time to recover by adding lighter training to your schedule.

So since my watch was telling me I wasn’t recovering properly I took an additional rest day. I was hoping that would cause it to change it’s status.

Friday, August 18: 

Planned: rest day

Actual: rest day

So basically today was the only day so far that actually went as planned…haha.

Saturday, August 19: 

Planned: 6 miles easy

Actual: 6 miles easy

Yay, another win! Today called for 6 easy miles…lately my heart rate has been skyrocketing on my runs due to the heat and the fact that I’m trying to run too fast. Today my focus was on heart rate and how to keep it under 170. I knew that with the heat there was no way I’d keep it in zone 3 alone, so I focused on simply not going into the ‘red’ zone too much during my workout. This averaged out to 6 miles at an 11:35 ish pace. It was a pretty good run in a great area (Safety Harbor, one of my favorite places to run)!

Sunday, August 20: 

Planned: 16 miles

Actual: 16 miles

This one was good and bad. The first 8 miles were pretty good: ran the first 5 with a new friend from MRTT Tampa (thanks Bri!) and kept a nice steady pace all the way through mile 8…when the sun came up. No matter how fueled and hydrated I am, I fade quickly in direct sunlight and heat. By mile 12 I was almost crying, praying for it to be over. I barely finished. I think next time I’m faced with a 16 miler I’m just going to suck it up and start at 5 instead of 5:30. This way I don’t have to worry about the sun for at least two hours into the run. Hopefully that will improve things for me!

Gorgeous sunrise from the pier at Ballast Point Park

So that’s a wrap on my week in training! I have the next two days off (yay birthday 3 day weekend!) and am much looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow with no alarm and nothing I ‘have’ to get done! I’m sure I’ll end up doing something but for now…Game of Thrones is on! Shhhhh….

How’s your training going? Do you prefer to run alone or with a friend? Do you watch Game of Thrones? 

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6 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 13: 8/14-8/20”

  1. Don’t laugh but I actually checked the weather for Chicago for October 8th and it looks good so far (60s). I know it’s way too early but it made me feel good to check lol.

    It’s weird but I prefer to do my long runs solo. I hate feeling like I’m holding people back if I’m running too slow so I just do most of them alone. I don’t mind running with friends for a portion of the run though (like a few miles).
    Kimberly G recently posted…Chicago Marathon Training Recap – Week 13My Profile

    1. I downloaded the weather profile for Chicago on my iphone too! I’m totally monitoring it the next several weeks…

      I like running with friends for long runs because mentally it helps me to know someone else is suffering with me! So far none of my friends have seemed to mind running with me…none of them are really in heavy training for anything right now so they are just going whatever pace I need them to go and getting miles in. I have crazy friends who will train for a full marathon without actually being registered for one…

    1. Thanks! I also wonder how its calculated…I think it’s based on HR but I’m trying to figure it out because I deliberately kept my HR down on some recent runs to see if that would put me back in the “productive” zone and it didn’t. So I’m not sure lol!

  2. My Garmin doesn’t give me a training score. That sounds like the perfect excuse for a new one! I’ve used the ice in the bra trick during triathlons (since they are held in the heat of summer). It works! It was in the 50s when we started the Chicago Marathon last year, but by the end — I was very warm. I hope you’ll get the ideal conditions. Happy Birthday early!

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