Thinking Out Loud Thursday’s (#1)

Thursday’s are for Thinking Out Loud with Running with Spoons! We’ll start back at the beginning here…I had joined in a few of these linkups before my entire blog got deleted and I really liked them.

What’s been going through my mind lately? Lots of things…

Nike lost my watch… but it looks like there’s no way to get it back, so I guess I’m getting a gift certificate from them and I’ll have to buy another watch. I found one on for a pretty decent price, so I’m thinking I will get that until I’m ready to purchase a more expensive one. I was going to upgrade my watch this year, but I’ve had a LOT of expenses, and now just isn’t the right time. Either way, not too happy with the whole situation surrounding this watch thing. Definitely could have been handled better.

Which color should I get- pink or green??
Which color should I get- pink or green??

I’ve been ridiculously hungry lately…and I seriously have no idea why. Ever since I started half marathon training, I’ve been starving pretty much every two hours from the time I wake up in the morning. Anyone have any suggestions? (No, pregnancy is not possible- trust me).

hungry meme

I may be doing a Ragnar next year!! And I’m super stoked about it! Ever since I heard of this race I wanted to do one. I was trying to get into the Florida Keys one for 2016 but it sold out super quick so that’s a no go. The other two closest to me are in Atlanta or Tennessee/Carolinas so it will have to be one of those…anyone want to join our team? So far, it’s my friend Krystal and I. We need 10 more people.

This race has been on my list since I first found out what it was!
This race has been on my list since I first found out what it was!

I feel like there’s not enough time in the day for what I want to accomplish…and I know you’ve felt the same at some point. Sometimes I literally feel like I’m going nonstop from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep!

Have you seen the new fall collection at Skirt SportsIt’s so cute!! I can’t wait to get some more items in! I have the Redemption Knicks so far, and hopefully my cute Lionness skirt is on it’s way soon! Use code SSPLM20 for a 20% discount!

Isn't it adorable? It would go great with the shoes below...
Isn’t it adorable? It would go great with the shoes below…

I can’t believe it’s already August– halfway through August- and I’m already seeing Christmas posts from certain friends. I’m not ready for Christmas yet!!!

I may cheat on Mizuno with Asics…because the new Gel Quantum 360’s are amazing. What do you think?

I need these in my closet.
I need these in my closet.

I’m sure I have other random thoughts floating around in my head but I forgot what they were. If I remember them, I’ll post them somewhere on social media. Until then!! <3

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6 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday’s (#1)”

  1. Thinking out loud is always good. I know Key West does a race very muchike Ragner. A few friends are doing it. I’d love to but it’s to expensive for me. Ragner is a bucket list race. I say get the green watch I like pink to a certain point. I like odd colors. As for being hungry during training completely normal. I have gained a little during marathon training so far. I have the rungerys. Lol I have a14 mile training run tomorrow and I’m sure I’m gonna eat everything in sight all weekend.

    1. Haha good at least I know it’s normal to want to eat a lot! I just discovered rice cakes with nutella and honey. Officially the best snack ever.

    1. Everyone is making me feel so much better about this “runger” I’m experiencing 🙂

    1. I’m so bummed it sold out so quickly! Maybe we can get in for the following year, or if they open the locations in Atlanta or something go there. It’s not a super far drive from here.

      The lionness is my fav! The Jette is really cute too I have one of those. You always need more skirts 😉

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