Weekly Training Log 8-9 to 8-15

I’ve been using the RunFit365 training plan for my next half marathon (Best Damn Race Cape Coral in December), recommended by my BRF (best running friend!) Krystal from the Runner Within. Because my “official” half marathon training isn’t supposed to start until September, I added a few weeks of the intermediate 10k plan. I’ve been thinking of going back to my first 10k, the Hooters to Hooters 10k in Clearwater next month. Incorporating the speedwork has been a really good decision and kept me from being too bored during summer training.

Sunday 8/9: no run today. I went to my friend’s wedding Saturday night and stayed out pretty late. I was tired and slept in.

Monday 8/10: Ran the Ringling Bridge, 3.57 miles. (RunFit365 bases their training on time, rather than pace. I ran for 45 minutes).


Tuesday 8/11: Speedwork today! Fartlek 3-2-1 x 5 cycles. Ran 3 minutes at easy effort (approx. 12:00 pace), 2 minutes at medium effort (about 10:45 pace) and 1 minute at hard effort (9:15 pace). Repeated 5 times for a total mileage of 3.3 miles.


Wednesday 8/12: No running today. This was a rest day, accompanied by some awesome beers for date night 🙂

Thursday 8/13: Group fun run tonight at work! Went for 2 miles (tempo run) at 10 minutes per mile. I’m not sure if I was that fast because I wanted to be, or because it was lightning out and it was scary!!


Friday 8/14: Rest day.

Saturday 8/15: Long run day! Ran for 55 minutes and made it 4.3 miles. I was hoping to be closer to 5 miles, but the heat got to me and miles 3-4 were my slowest miles. I did some striders (accelerating for 20-30 seconds) at the end and finished strong though!

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I modified a portion of the training plan because the original calls for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday runs. Since I work late on Tuesdays and Thursdays, that doesn’t always work for me. I switched my running days to Mondays, Wednesday and Thursday (I can usually go on the group fun runs at work) to make it easier on my schedule. Occasionally Tuesdays can work out for me if I get off of work early, but I can’t bank on that every week. I also usually only do a long run on Saturday mornings, and use Sunday as my rest day since I run on Mondays. So far, this has been working for me, so I’ll stick with it for now and see how this works!

How’s your training going? Are you training for any big fall races? 



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    1. I hear ya! I’m really trying. It’s kind of miserable some days here, then others it’s not so bad, especially running by water with the breeze.

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