Weekly Training Log 8/16-8/22

So sorry this post is late! I’m coming off of a really awesome birthday weekend where I traveled to Orlando. I didn’t get back until 5 pm last night and was honestly so exhausted (and maybe a little depressed that vacation was over) so I didn’t feel like posting.

Anyway, here’s what my training looked like this past week!

Sunday 8/16: Rest day

Monday 8/17: 3.1 miles with my training group at the downtown Fit2Run store. Real feel temperature was 109 degrees. Yes, I said 109.

My fun pants
My fun pants

Tuesday 8/18: 2.1 miles of speedwork. I was supposed to do the 3-2-1 fartlek sessions, but unfortunately my app wasn’t working well so I just turned it into a tempo run. Ended up with a 9:41 pace though. (Note to self: when taking selfies, perfect the art of timing on the phone. So you don’t cut of your own head in the shot. At least I got my super awesome new Pro socks though!)


Wednesday 8/19: rest day and I worked today.

Thursday 8/20: I was planning on going out, but thunder and lightning put an end to my party.

My running weather app was like...nope.
My running weather app was like…nope.

Friday 8/21: 3.1 miles of hill sprints today! Sprinted up hill for a minute then jogged around the trail and back down the hill. Did 4 of these. I felt like a badass until I realized the bugs bit me through my socks. Next time bring bug spray. At least I earned my birthday dinner!

This was just the first course...after this came unlimited steak, chicken, pork, lamb...
This was just the first course…after this came unlimited steak, chicken, pork, lamb…

Saturday 8/22: 5.37 miles of walking around Universal Studios with my BRF Krystal and another friend Allison + the bf for my birthday! It was really an awesome day!


On another note, today I received notice of an offer of epic proportions. Are you ready for this?


RunDisney announced that they are bringing Star Wars to the East Coast! I KNEW there was a reason I didn’t register for the Disneyland Star Wars race! I’m so beyond excited about this- I want to jump up and down and scream (but I live in an apartment so I won’t). I can’t believe I will get the opportunity to run with WOOKIES! If you haven’t heard me talk about them- wookies are my favorite. And Vader. I like him too. Anyway, you can read all about it here, and then check out the website here. I plan to be on my computer at noon on September 22nd to register (even if it means going on a Ramen noodle diet to be able to pay for it haha).

Yep, pretty much.
Yep, pretty much.

How’s your training going? What’s your dream race? Are you totally geeking out over Star Wars like me? 😉

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    1. My first choice is the challenge but if I can’t get that one, I’d do an individual race! As long as I get to run with the wookies!

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