My Next Big Challenge…or Three

Everyone who’s been reading my blog or checking out my Facebook knows how obsessed with Star Wars I am and how excited I was to register for the Dark Side Challenge today…well, I’m in!! I came home for lunch and got on the computer. I basically did nothing else but stare at the countdown clock on the computer for about fifteen minutes while I waited for the “register” button to activate. When it hit 12:00, I got in and registered by 12:01! Yep, it was a few minutes several hours of anxiety for me today, but I’m so glad I got in! This will be my first “challenge” event…2 days, 2 races (10k and half), 19.3 miles, one weekend. I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!

let the wookie win

I also found out today that I could go to the Battlefrog Championship race in Orlando- unfortunately that means I will have to defer my registration to the Best Damn Race series. I’m not 100% sure if I’m going to Battlefrog yet (they haven’t opened up the registration on the website yet and I’m not sure how much it will cost, which may be a factor) but I think it would be a really cool opportunity to run in their inaugural championship event! Some pretty big names in the OCR world will undoubtedly be there- Hobie Call, Ryan Atkins, Corinna Coffin, Claude Godbout and several others. Some of you may remember my review of the first Battlefrog event I completed in Atlanta in May- it was the course that almost had me wanting to quit! So the chance to go back, experience some of their new obstacles and be a part of an inaugural event? It’s a tough call.

battlefrog championship

Also on the list is the Spartan Sprint in Miami. When I first registered to volunteer, I did it because I didn’t have enough mud runs on my schedule for this fall. I’m currently signed up for Tough Mudder and thought I needed more. Now that I most likely will be going to Battlefrog (which is a week later), it’s a good possibility I will use the Spartan Miami course as training for the obstacles I will see in Battlefrog. I’m hoping to improve my time on both courses though! My current time for Spartan Sprint is 2:18 and for the Battlefrog is 2:01.

spartan quote

What are some of the events you’re going to this year? Anything big and exciting happen to you recently? 

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