Ultimate Coffee Date: September

Hi friends! Or as I like to call you, blends (blogger + friend= blend). It’s been a while since we’ve had coffee, so grab your cup and let’s chat! I love this linkup hosted by Deborah, Coco and Lynda!


Can I just say how glad I am that summer is almost over? I feel like I’m pretty much the only person I know who feels this way, but there are several reasons summer is NOT my favorite season…


– Weather. Florida weather is horrendous in the summertime. Everyone who doesn’t live here probably thinks of beaches and sun tanning and amusement parks. But the truth is, it’s unbearably hot at those places (and everywhere else outside). When I went to Universal for my birthday and we stood in line to get our express passes, we were dripping sweat after about five minutes.


– Hurricane Season: It’s that time of year here! In the end of July/beginning of August it rained pretty much all day every day for two weeks straight. I’m talking thunderstorm rain so basically this messes up my evening runs during the week.

-Bugs. I hate them. Everyone hates them. But they’re here way more in the summer than the winter.

-Nothing good on TV. Seriously…I’m a football fan and there’s no games until August. My TV shows that I watch aren’t on. So despite being stuck inside during the week, I can’t even watch some good TV shows.

Anyway, I’m super happy that fall is on it’s way! Not only does that mean cooler weather (its forecasted to be in the low 80s, high 70s next month! That’s awesome for us!) but PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING. I’m addicted. I even went online to Starbucks and got my “secret” pass so I could get some early. It’s glorious. Plus the autumn squash soup comes back at Panera and that’s my favorite soup. It’s generally served October through January.


AND race season is here!! I’ve been waiting for this all summer- there really aren’t that many events in Florida during the summer due to the intense heat. I have my first race of the season next weekend and I’m so excited! Could you help me decide what to wear? I have the outfit options below! Comment and tell me which one you like best!

IMG_2483 IMG_2484 IMG_2485

I also just bought a new Garmin Forerunner 25!! I’m so excited to be using a watch again after several months of being watchless. I won’t go into gory details, but Nike basically lost my watch and I’ve had to go back and forth with them for several months about getting my money back since they no longer sell the watches I used to have. Anyway, I have my new Garmin now and I’m super excited! I’ll be writing a review after I’ve had a chance to use it a bit, so keep an eye out.


That’s basically what’s going on with me, what about you? How’s life? Do you prefer summer or fall? Any upcoming races for you?

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12 thoughts on “Ultimate Coffee Date: September”

  1. I actually lived in West Palm Beach for about 6 months {many many years ago} and honestly, I hated it. I am all California gal born and raised. The humidity, the storms, the bugs…yikes.
    I love your Garmin watch and have been wanting to get one, I think I am going to go for it. I need an easy watch to use and understand, I am not techy enough to mess around with one.
    I love the middle picture {running outfit}.
    Thank for you joining us for coffee Montana have a wonderful weekend 🙂
    Lynda@fitnessmomwinecountry recently posted…The Ultimate Coffee Date SeptemberMy Profile

    1. Thanks Lynda! I’ve heard the West Coast has a milder climate. I’m hoping to move out there within the next few years. I’m kind of over Florida lol. Definitely get the Garmin 25 if you want a simple, easy to use watch! I’ll be posting a review after I’ve had a chance to go through some more of the features, but it is super easy to use. I haven’t run into much that I can’t figure out yet- I’m not into all the techy metrics some of the upgraded versions use.

  2. I am a Garmin addict! I have the Vivosmart activity tracker, my new 225 for running with HRM, my old Forerunner 10, and my really old 405 that I use for cycling. I wish they didn’t each have their own chargers, but that seems to be the Garmin way. I’m glad you joined us for coffee!
    Coco recently posted…Labor Day Weekend Coffee Date Link UpMy Profile

    1. Wow, Garmin addict, you weren’t kidding! The 25 is a great update on the old 15. And I’ve heard great things about the 225!

    1. For some reason, I’ve never been much of a summer person. Maybe it’s because my family doesn’t vacation or do much of anything different in the summer than we do in other seasons. Cool weather sounds amazing! I’m glad you guys host this link up I love it!

    1. Thanks, I’m enjoying it, it is awesome! Have you contacted Garmin about a replacement? I know many companies will replace or fix watches if they don’t work…

  3. Florida runners are the only Floridians I feel like who truly appreciate “fall/winter” weather! Hopefully the morning doesn’t start off too hot and humid for your race, which by the way, I like the outfit on the far right 🙂

    I am so excited that you are now a member of the Garmin family! I love my Garmin and have ever only had one problem with it not loading but it was good less than a quarter mile in. Plus anytime you come visit, you can use my charger 😉
    Krystal recently posted…One more for 2015!My Profile

  4. hahaha, I’m not in the “glad summer’s over” camp, but since you’re in Florida, I can definitely get where you’re coming from! It hasn’t really felt like summer over here–I’ve spent more time wrapped up in blankets than not (but I spent most of my summer indoors either studying or at the hospital, so I guess there’s that, haha).

    I am excited for pumpkin recipes though! :D! I don’t think I’ve ever tried the autumn squash soup at Panera! :O

    All those outfits are super cute, but I think the third one is my favoirte!

    1. I think Southerners are the only ones who are in the “glad summer is over camp!” I think I need to become a “heat-bird” and just move up north like May-August. This way I get the best of both worlds 🙂 You must try the autumn squash soup. And after that I fully expect to see a copycat recipe on your blog. Because it’s that awesome.

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