Dear Mizuno Wave Creation’s…

As much as I hate to say it, you’re getting old and the time has come to let you go. I’m really sad about this, as we’ve had such good times together and you’ve been supportive and non-judgmental towards me every time we ran together! In honor of the many miles you’ve given me, I’d like to look back on the good times with you.

I first bought you at the RunDisney Tower of Terror 10 miler expo- you were on sale and I knew I already loved the Prophecy’s, so I thought I’d give you a try! I had no idea how comfortable and amazing you were going to be. I was debating between the turquoise and purple color, but ended up selecting the purple ones.

Purple went better with my fun pants anyway!
Purple went better with my fun pants anyway!

We didn’t get to run together very much in the beginning- I became injured after running my first Tough Mudder and ended up having to take two months off. We had a few short runs before then, but nothing too major.

Our first “big” run together was my 10k in January 2015- after two whole months of basically no running, you helped me to a major PR! 1:07:58…that was 5 whole minutes faster than my first 10k in September 2014! I was so excited and I knew I had made the right decision when I purchased you. It felt like we were flying! I remember wearing you on one of my first nights in my new job at the running store- we got to wear bunny ears for our Easter fun run! That was a fun night too. I ended up getting lost and running 5 miles instead of 3.1 on the fun run- but I also did that the fastest I’ve ever done 5 miles too! Creation’s, you must be good luck!


We trained for and ran our first half marathon together- I couldn’t have done it without you. You got me through all the crazy long runs (and my legs didn’t hurt either). You gave me confidence in my abilities. And we managed to come in under our goal time of 2:40 too!


We had several other adventures- from indoor rock climbing to several fun runs at my new store over the summer, to hill training for the obstacle racing season this fall. We’ve run 267.5 miles together this year- and unfortunately it’s time to put you to rest. I’ve decided I’m going to donate you to a homeless shelter in my area- hopefully someone else will love you as much as I have this past year and you will be able to help someone who might not have any shoes to wear this winter. Goodbye, Mizuno Wave Creations. I’m so glad we had the chance to run together this year, and even though I’m sad at our parting, I look forward to seeing what the new version of you brings in the future!


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