2016 Goals: Tuesdays On The Run

Since I just did a new year’s post about setting SMART goals, I’m taking this opportunity to share my goals with you for the 2016 year. I’m linking up with Erika, Patty and April for Tuesdays on the Run!


I’ve decided this year I’m going to focus on speed rather than distance. Even though I’m signed up for two half marathons so far this year, they’re Disney races, so I don’t feel the need to PR or devote a ton of training and energy to them. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll put the training in and the mileage needed, but rather than make those a focus and priority of my season, I’m going back to basics and focusing on “racing” the 5k distance.

I think if I were to classify myself as a “type” of runner, I’d be a sprinter. I enjoy shorter distance courses that I can run fast in; anything longer than a 10k and it’s pretty easy for me to get bored. I’m signed up for several shorter OCR’s and am planning on adding some 5k road races to my schedule over the next few weeks as well. So my goals this year are:

1) Achieve a sub-30 5k in a race; reach goal is to achieve a sub-25 minute 5k.

2) Prioritize my speed work sessions. Make sure I’m getting to the track weekly to complete those workouts.

3) Start running competitive OCR waves. Hopefully qualify for OCR World Championships, but mainly I’m just trying to get stronger and faster. The rest will come.

4) Make strength and conditioning workouts a priority. I always fall off the wagon when it comes to strength training- this year I’m going to keep going with it so I can become stronger and better at obstacles.

5) Run consistently for an entire year. I typically take 2 months ‘off’ of running- due to heat, boredom, or lack of motivation. This year, I’m going to be thinking of creative ways to keep my motivation intact so I don’t take as much time ‘off.’

6) Regularly log my mileage on SmashRun and hit my 750 yearly mileage goal. This shouldn’t be too hard if I stay consistent with my mileage, as I do have those two half marathons I’m doing this spring, the Spartan Beast in May and a Spartan Super in December. I wasn’t very consistent in 2015- and I suffered for it. Every time I take time off I lessened my mileage for the year and took longer to “come back” to where I was fitness wise…so this year I’m learning from that mistake and being consistent and regularly logging mileage, even when I don’t feel like it.


Getting into a routine can be challenging for me because the second job I have is pretty unpredictable in terms of hours. One week I’ll work 10 hours (typically 2 days) and the next week I’ll work 22 hours (4 days). It makes it hard to follow a “schedule” or training plan as I never know until the week before the days I’ll be working. That along with two weddings last year caused me to get off schedule a bit towards the end of the year because I was spending a lot of time doing other things and not focusing on my running. Every time I go out for a run though, I remember how much I love it.

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11 thoughts on “2016 Goals: Tuesdays On The Run”

    1. I was using daily mile for a while but I liked the way smash run looks. Plus it counts down your goals so like where I set 750 miles as my yearly goal…it will subtract my mileage automatically from 750 to let me know how far I’ve come and how much more to go. And it automatically uploads your runs from Garmin connect. Lol- that was like a mini review, but it’s awesome and I’m loving it so far!

  1. A changing schedule can definitely make it tough to stick with a routine! I get so intimidated by track sessions, but they are definitely the way to go when training for a short race. Good luck with your goals this year!

    1. I was intimidated by the track too but I found a group who goes, so I go with them. Hopefully it will help me!

  2. Funny, I’m the opposite – I can run forever, just don’t ask me to go fast LOL. Despite that, I’m trying to pick up some speed in the early part of my year before I start building distance again.

    How exciting that you want to try for the OCR World Championships!
    MCM Mama Runs recently posted…TOTR: Goals for 2016My Profile

    1. Well I just started thinking of doing a marathon- so I guess I’m totally indecisive! I’ve been that way forever though- think I like one thing and then change my mind five minutes later.

  3. I’m interested in what types of things you plan to do that will be creative enough to keep you running. Will be checking back in! Thanks for sharing.

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