I Guess I Should Start Focusing on My Race Plans…

Race season is coming up fast and as I was sitting down journaling in my Believe Training Journal today I realized- gasp!– I haven’t even thought about how I want my actual races to go this season. I had basic goals for each one, of course, but part of the journal’s focus is to create race plans with goals in them so you know exactly what you’re aiming for during each race.

First up on the list of races for me this spring is Warrior Dash- and my first competitive heat in obstacle racing. At this point, even though I’ve done the training, I can honestly say I’m second guessing myself. It’s not the obstacles I’m super worried about, it’s the speed! I reeeeaaaallly don’t want to be the last one to finish! (Although I know that’s not very likely, I’m still kind of freaking out about it).


Warrior Dash Goals:

  1. The most important goal to me is to stay strong the entire race. For me, this means reigning in my pace during the first 1.5 miles so I don’t burn out too fast. I have a bad habit of making the first mile my fastest and then I have no energy left for the second half. Since this is only a 5k, I have to be uber careful of this habit.
  2. My secondary goal is to finish in 45 minutes or less. My average race time for 5k OCR’s so far has been about an hour. Granted, each time I’ve done one I’ve been with a team goofing off and fooling around (which won’t be happening on this race). I’m looking forward to seeing how I do on my own (technically with Brian, but he’ll keep up with me).
  3. Have fun! So many times I went crazy with details, pushing myself to do more than I was capable of and then getting disappointed when I didn’t perform to my own high expectations. I’m beginning to realize now that I have no one to impress but myself. Someone I know recently posted how important it is to give ourselves permission to do things we wouldn’t normally do and that’s what I’m doing here.

I originally went into this race with the idea of qualifying for the OCR World Championships– but as this is my first competitive heat, I think that’s putting too much pressure on myself. Instead, I’m going to go out, do my best and have fun. If that includes a qualification, so much the better, but if it doesn’t I’ll know that I did the best I could regardless.


Princess Half Marathon Goals:

  1. I’d like to attempt a half marathon PR at this race and I think it’s do-able if I’m in the correct corral. If I’m in A-C (let’s be real, I won’t be in A I’m not that fast) I’ll definitely go for it, as those corrals are typically the people who will be running and racing the event. If I’m in D-F it’s possible to do, but I may have to skip some character stops that I’d otherwise have taken pics at. If I’m in the last half of corrals it probably won’t happen. I’ll know more about corral placement in about two? weeks so we will see where I’m at when the announcement comes out.
  2. Enjoy myself! I really only have two goals here- to PR if I can and to have fun! My road to PHM has been a hard one. In 2012 I first heard of the race and wanted to sign up, but I didn’t get motivated to seriously run until the end of 2013. In 2014 I actually signed up for the race but injured myself at the end of the year so I wasn’t able to complete the 2015 race. So I deferred and am now finally getting to race this event in 2016!

I also need to start making my costume for PHM- oops and yay for last minute race costumes! I know I’m going to attempt to make a tutu that’s Ariel themed because I’ll be going as Ariel, but other than that I don’t have any idea what I’d like to do. Maybe something with Flounder since he was always with her exploring ships?

Whatever happens on race day, I know that the most important thing is to relax and have fun. Let’s just hope I can do this on race day!

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Have you ever made a race “plan?” Or do you just “wing it” and see what happens?


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16 thoughts on “I Guess I Should Start Focusing on My Race Plans…”

  1. Making race plans has been difficult for me. I normally sign up the very last minute. Some would say I lose money. I find when I sign up to far ahead I will sometimes find something else I want to do more and bail on the previous commitment.

    1. I typically don’t commit to races too far in advance- I sign up to volunteer but that’s always negotiable because if I decide to pull out I just tell them I don’t want to volunteer anymore and they take me off. No harm no foul.

      In terms of Disney- there’s no choice lol. If you don’t sign up on the date registration opens you don’t get in typically. Star Wars challenge sold out in 30 minutes!

    1. It’s going to be so awesome! I’ve been checking pictures from previous years to see what I’m in for. I’m getting more and more excited!

    1. Yes you have to because the corrals are let off in intervals of like 5 minutes or so. So basically if you start at “5:30am” that’s really A corral. When I did my last Disney event it started at 10pm, but I didn’t officially start until about 10:10.

    1. Thanks Janelle! I haven’t done the Warrior Dash yet, but plenty of other obstacle races. I’m also excited about the fuzzy warrior helmet. 😉

  2. I’m a firm believer in when you are trying or doing something for the first time to set your goals on finishing strong and with a smile on your faces – anything else is added bonus 🙂 Also I think you’ll easily manage anywhere from B-D/E corral for Princess. I landed in G for the half but that was only because I ran the 10K the day before.

    1. I hope so! That’s good to know- I’ll probably have that for the Star Wars half then. But all that matters to me for that one is pictures with Wookies.

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