Thinking Out Loud Thursday: #1

This will be my first TOLT post of the year! It’s one of my favorite link ups, hosted by Running with Spoons, especially when I have a bazillion thoughts on my mind and need a thought dump.  I still haven’t gotten used to it being 2016, have you? It’s not so much that I’m still writing 2015 on papers and such; it’s more that saying that it’s 2016 and hearing other people say it still has me reeling. Like where did the first 16 years of this century go?

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I think I’ve had writers block lately. It’s been really hard to think of things to write for my blog. Granted I did work 13 days in a row with no day off (which was super hard) but even when I was home (the brief amounts of time that was) I couldn’t think of anything to write. I know it’s normal every once in a while, but it sucks.

A week ago today, Professor Snape died. That is, Alan Rickman for those of you who aren’t Harry Potter fans. It’s been a little challenging for me to accept and I have no shame in saying I’ve been mourning the loss of a character who has had a large impact on my life. If you haven’t read the Harry Potter books I guess it could be a little difficult to understand, but Professor Snape was a character who inspired many emotions, but definitely not indifference. You may have heard if you’re a Harry Potter fan and a runner: Hogwarts Running Club is having the 3.94 “Always” memorial run as a tribute to Mr. Rickman. The proceeds will go towards his favorite charity, Debate Mate, an organization that fosters future leaders with passion, empathy and confidence through the power of debate. It’s UK based and has branches in the UK, Nepal, Jamaica and other countries worldwide, working with underprivileged children. You can register here if you’d like a t-shirt and to join in the fun.

One of Rickman's best quotes.
One of Rickman’s best quotes.

Weather here in Florida has been super crazy! Not only has it been getting colder (finally now that January is here) but we had some tornadoes in my hometown this past weekend- real tornadoes that did some serious damage. I say “real” because the only other time I remember a tornado being here was when I was in high school and it took out a few trees but nothing more. Definitely not typical weather for this time of year! My weather app seems to think it’s ok though…


I’ve been getting better sleep overall lately! My sleep quality dropped off pretty badly in December and has only now been getting back to normal. I’ve found that 7-8 hours is pretty ideal for me, but that’s hard for me to do during the week (based on when I have to wake up for work it requires me to go to bed around 8:30pm and I’m never tired that early). I did last night though (Tuesday night as I’m writing this on Wednesday) and it was so nice to wake up feeling rested and refreshed! I use the Sleep Cycle app for iPhone and I love it.

Top graph is number of hours I slept and bottom is the quality of sleep in percentages.
Top graph is number of hours I slept and bottom is the quality of sleep in percentages.
My sleep graph from Tuesday night.
My sleep graph from Tuesday night.

Training has been going good for my second half marathon! I wasn’t planning on registering for any other races this spring, but I caved when I saw the Best Damn Race 1/2 marathon medal for their Orlando event. It’s so cute! So I guess I’ll be doing another half. It’s amazing how different things can end up from where we planned them to be.


How’s your week been? Do you ever get writer’s block (and what do you do to combat it)? Are you impulsive when registering for races or do you prefer to plan out your schedule? 

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8 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday: #1”

  1. Ugh writer’s block definitely sucks. I go through bouts of it every now and again, and my solution to it is pretty much a ToL type post — just writing down whatever comes to mind and not worrying about whether or not it makes sense. Either that or going out for a walk/run… I’ve always found that getting a little more oxygen to the brain works wonders for me.

    Thanks for linking up this week!

    1. ToL helped today. I actually was able to write another post about something completely different! Running always clears my thoughts- every time I’m conflicted over something I go for a run.

    1. True! It’s sad when it happens over a tragedy but awesome at the same time that so many people are united for one thing or person.

  2. I would love to try a sleep cycle app. 🙂 I was thinking about sleep last night, and I was thinking that I’m glad that God never sleeps, even though we need rest. I’m glad that the world is under His control.

    1. I recommend sleep cycle! I like it a lot. Actually I like it better than my activity tracking watch.

    1. We’re a little closer than you guys to Orlando. We pretty much live there lol- a bunch of friends there and we frequently go for various events. BDR Orlando is also a gorgeous course!

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