Weekly Workout Recap: 1/4 to 1/10

FINALLY I’m getting back to my weekly workout recaps! I was doing this last year for a while until I got seriously off track in my training and didn’t log my workouts anymore. This time I’m joining a link up with Megan, a fellow Pro Compression ambassador!

run megan weekly workout recap

Sunday, January 4: Did a quick 3 miles today. Went to a new park and it was pretty good weather- despite being overcast, it was in the 50s out! 10:20, 10:28, 9:32 were my splits- that’s pretty solid for me! Weather makes such a difference on my training.


Monday, January 5: Rest day today. My mom and I went to the mall and movies. It’s always nice to spend girl time with her!

Tuesday, January 6: I was unexpectedly called into work tonight, but I managed to get 2.68 miles of speedwork in first! My plan called for V02 max repeats- basically run for 3 minutes as fast as you can, then recover for 3 minutes. My paces for the running were 8:05, 7:45, 7:30, 7:15!! I’m trying to get faster so I was super happy with this workout.

Wednesday, January 7: Ended up going to the gym tonight. I was planning on going outside to run but it was raining pretty hard and I didn’t feel like getting a cold. 3 miles + some light arm weights. Not the best workout because I hate running on treadmills.

Thursday, January 8: 4 pace miles tonight with the Fit2Run UTC crowd! 10:25, 10:17, 9:47, 9:30! Negative splits feel soooo good!


Friday, January 9: Worked a double tonight, so no run. It was a rest day anyway.

Saturday, January 10: For the first time since having my second job, I was scheduled to work all weekend. I wasn’t very happy about this as Sunday’s are my normal days off and working this Sunday meant no days off for 13 days. But I really didn’t have a choice, so I took Saturday off of running too to give my legs a break since I was standing at work all day.

Total Weekly Mileage: 12.68 

My weekly mileage was less than I normally would run because I switched my weekend long run for a quick tempo run instead. Since I’m focusing on speed this season, my plan has me doing short tempo runs every other weekend as opposed to a long run every weekend. I’m also trying to balance training for a half next month in the middle of all this speed work, so I’m adding in longer runs now and then. It’s really hard to figure all this out! Weather plays a big part in how many miles I run and how awesome or not awesome the workout is though, so hopefully we get some cooler weather soon!

Do you prefer to run alone or in a group? Does weather have an effect on your pace? 

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Recap: 1/4 to 1/10”

  1. Weather totally has an effect on me. I run WAY better in the cold even though (in the beginning, at least) I feel worse! Way to get it done this week even with 13 days of work! Yowch.

    Thanks for joining the link up too! I hope we see you each week. I’m hoping this makes me stay good about doing my recaps each week too! 😀

    1. I’m definitely going to try to be consistent- I need to get better at linking up. I tend to join one for a while and then stop doing them. Also due to my crazy work schedule, but I usually have Sunday’s off so I should be able to get this one done 😉

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