Weekly Workout Recap 1/25-1/31

Last week was an pretty good week! Despite some minor pain-in-the-ass moments, my workouts were pretty good, although I didn’t get in as many as I’d have liked to. I’m a little late joining in Megan’s recap because I worked both jobs Monday and Tuesday so I’ve been super busy and have barely had a moment to myself! I also work both tomorrow so today is the day I get to cram everything in…next week I’ll be lucky if I get to recap this week’s training because there practically isn’t any. My first race of the season is Saturday though and I know I’m well trained up to this point so I’m trying not to feel too bad about my lack of ability to train this week.

run megan weekly workout recap


Monday, January 25: Took an additional rest day today- from everything. Took a nap after work too- I was supposed to work my second job but skipped it because my body was literally exhausted and needed some quality rest.

Tuesday, January 26: 40 minute easy run. This week was a “rest week” in my training plan, so all my workouts were easier paced than normal with only one speed/tempo workout scheduled. It felt good to be able to run and not have to hit prescribed pacing or worry about anything other than loving the run! I felt better today than yesterday and practiced some new intervals- 1:30/:30 which is what I hope to use in my upcoming half at Disney Princess. The heat was a little overwhelming today. 3.5 miles, 11:20 pace

Tuesday Training Run

Wednesday, January 27: Today I did a track workout- I actually got in trouble because I got there before school let out! I didn’t know it- I arrived around 3:30 (most schools are out in my area by this time) but was told that school didn’t get done until 4:30 so I had to leave and come back. (This is weird to me- what kind of middle school starts as late as 9:30 in the morning?!) Anyway, when I did get the chance to come back I had a killer workout! 6×400 @ 8:45 pace with 400 m recovery intervals, 3.0 miles

Track workout Wednesday

Thursday, January 28: I worked a double today so no workout.

Friday, January 29: I came down with a weird stomach bug today so I didn’t run. I’m not sure what it was because it wasn’t nausea and I didn’t feel sick otherwise.

Saturday, January 30: I was planning to wake up and run today but I was still feeling sick this morning when I woke up so I slept in a little and went to work during the day. I traveled to Tampa later in the evening for the rest of the weekend.

Sunday, January 31: Afternoon run in a new location- Flatwoods Park. I love exploring new places, but I did get confused by the double mile markers and ended up adding a few miles to what I had originally planned on doing when I took a different turn! Oops. It was a peaceful day though and although there were other people in the park, for the most part I felt like I was alone with my thoughts, which is always a fun way to run. My pace was horrible though- I ran out of water and was sort of dehydrated halfway through. It was really sunny out and hardly any shade as well. Β 7.39 miles, 12:57 pace

Trail running pic

This month has been a pretty good one in training- I ended up with 63 miles total for January! I’m actually in a mileage challenge on Smash Run so I’m hoping to increase my mileage by a total of 5 miles per month for 6 months- it’ll be challenging for sure but maybe that’s what I need to keep some motivation going! Last year I had months where I trained and had great mileage and then other months where I barely ran at all, so the goal this year is to be more consistent with it.




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  1. Jealous of that park scene that you got to run in – and all your fun Pro socks! ALLLLL the bright colors! Thanks for joining in again – late or not, I love having you in on the fun! πŸ™‚ xoxo


    1. Haha glad you started this link up! I’m usually late because I travel on weekends so I’m not home to write or post! πŸ˜‰

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