Weekly Workout Recap: 2/1-2/14

It’s time for the workout recap with Megan! This time I’m actually on time with my post- ha! I’m actually recapping the last two weeks as I didn’t write one last week due to being out of town. I also didn’t really have a great start to February- I was working a lot and wasn’t able to get my runs in.

Basically the first week of February my only workout was on Wednesday, Feb 3rd– I went for a short two mile bridge run, rocking my favorite Pro Compression socks of course! (Did you get the Valentines’ ones or did you miss out? These babies sold out in hours!)

<3 <3

Then it was time for race day- Warrior Dash was on Saturday, Feb 6th. I won’t go into too many details here because I wrote a recap on it, but it was a pretty awesome but cold event! I ran two laps for 6.2 miles and had plans to do an additional 6 later in the day to make it a total of 12 for the day- which would have been the longest training run so far this year for Princess Half. My foot had other ideas however. I smashed my toe during the race and it hurt so bad I was limping later on, so I nixed the extra 6 miles in favor of relaxation and rest.

I love looking at the maps for my OCR's- they're all over the place!
I love looking at the maps for my OCR’s- they’re all over the place!

Monday, February 8th I went on the Fun Run at work. It was a pretty good run- I practiced the intervals I plan on running during the Princess half. I skipped Tuesday and took a rest day but was back at it Wednesday, February 10th for my last speed work of this training cycle. I did a fartlek workout 3-2-1 (3 minutes easy pace, 2 minutes medium pace and 1 minute hard pace). It was a hard workout- I was running straight into the wind at times which made it more challenging to keep the pacing I wanted. Thursday, February 11th was a much better workout. I did a tempo run and maintained a 10:30 pace for the three miles. I’d love to be this fast for a half marathon, but I’m not sure I can sustain that pace yet for 13 miles!

I've clearly been in a "pink" mood these last two weeks...
I’ve clearly been in a “pink” mood these last two weeks…

This weekend I did my last long run of the training cycle- 8 miles with my friend Krystal from the Runner Within on Saturday, February 13th. It was great to run with her again- she’s been more into the boot camps lately so we haven’t been running together much. Having a friend with me for this one made the miles fly by!

Two Pair Don't Care!
Two Pair Don’t Care!

Sunday was a rest day. I went to a few shops downtown with my mom- I wanted to check out this new metaphysical shop I heard about in my area, so we went there and walked around the art festival a bit. I found a great lapis lazuli bracelet- I’d been looking for one for a while because it was my Nana’s favorite stone when she was alive. She gave me her stone collection before she passed and I’ve been slowly adding to it over the years.


This week was definitely better than last week in training! I didn’t work as much so I had more time to train. I’m glad I got this week in training in because it makes me super confident for my half next weekend! Last time I was coming up to a half I was nervous and not feeling well at all but this time I have nothing but excitement! I know I can do the distance and seeing as though it’s taken me several years to actually get to the Princess half, I’m really excited!

My costume for Disney! Ariel tutu, Eric themed socks and the shirt I'll pick up at the expo!
My costume for Disney! Ariel tutu, Eric themed socks and the shirt I’ll pick up at the expo!


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14 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Recap: 2/1-2/14”

  1. I know i’ve said this before, but I love your pictures. They are always so colorful and artistic! I need to take some lessons. Totally love the valentine pro compressions and I can see how they would have quickly sold out! I don’t run in shorts, so the only time I wear compression is for recovery. Since it’s been awhile since I’ve done a run long enough to require recovery gear, I need to keep my hands away from the add to cart button 🙂
    Lara @ Uptite Mamas recently posted…Weekly Workout Recap-2/14My Profile

    1. My best photog tip? Camera+ if you have an iPhone. I use that app to edit the majority of the pictures I take with my phone and they usually turn out pretty awesome. Best $1.99 investment ever lol.

      Totally get the online shopping thing! I try to watch what I buy- I do have quite an impressive collection of socks. That’s kind of my “thing.”

  2. I haven’t run Princess yet, but I’ve done Wine and Dine three times and Disneyland Half once…RunDisney races are SO MUCH FUN!! Don’t worry about your time, and DO stop and take the pictures with the characters. That’s the best part of the race, and they usually have characters out that they don’t normally. Good luck and have fun!!

    1. I’m excited to see who they have at Princess! I did the Tower of Terror 10 Miler back in 2014 and they had some AWESOME bad guys out! I’m also in for the Star Wars Dark Side Challenge so that will be tons of fun too! Thanks!!

  3. Being able to run with a friend is so fun! I’m also often on my own, but will jump at the chance to pass the miles with a friend.

    I love your costume for the race! I did the Princess Half 2 years ago and had such a great time.

    1. I highly recommend them! They are a little pricey but definitely such a great experience.

  4. Have fun at Princess! It was my first half back in 2012 and even though I haven’t done another Princess event, the weekend is very special to me.

    1. Thanks! Now I’m wishing I signed up for the Glass Slipper Challenge seeing everyone posting about it!

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