Weekly Workout Recap: 2/15-2/28

Maybe every two weeks is a better consistency for recapping my training- it seems like lately I’m not getting the training I want in during the weeks! I’m really trying to juggle my weekly schedule and ever changing second job schedule- any tips? Seriously my days when I work two jobs look like this:

4am: Wake up and get ready for work

5am-2pm: Work job #1

2-2:30pm: Drive home, make food, change

2:30-3pm: Drive to second job

3pm-8:30pm: Work second job

8:30pm-9:30pm: Drive home, make food for dinner, get ready for bed

9:30pm: Go to sleep for next day.

I literally don’t have time to do anything else on those days. Unless I want to cut into my sleeping time, and that would make for a very grumpy Montana. I need about 7-8 hours to be productive for that long during the day. Unfortunately I usually get between 6-7 so by the end of the week I’m exhausted, but that’s a topic for another day. Anyway, I’m linking up with Megan for the Weekly Workout Recap!

run megan weekly workout recap

The first week the only time I managed to get a run in was Tuesday, February 16th. That was the day I started to realize that my Mizuno shoes weren’t good for me as I noticed every time I wore them my legs felt heavy and I experience shin-splint like pain. I worked pretty much the rest of the week and then Friday I was off to Tampa for my long weekend! I didn’t run Friday or Saturday to keep my legs fresh for the Princess Half Marathon on Sunday, February 21st. I wrote a full recap of that race so make sure to check it out!

After Princess I took two days off from running and came back with a short recovery run on Wednesday, February 24th. I ran “naked” or without a watch and it felt great to focus on feel and not pace! If I had to guess by the time I started and finished my run, I’d say I was probably at an 11:30 pace which felt great to me.

First run back from Princess!
First run back from Princess!

After work on Friday, February 26th I went to a local hill with trails and ran those for a bit. I’m loving that it’s still cool enough in the afternoons to run right after work instead of having to wait til later in the evening! Sunday, February 28th I had a work meeting early in the morning so I didn’t get a chance to run until around 10am. However, it’s still chilly outside so the temperatures were great for running weather. I did 4 miles @ 10:34 average pace. This really boosted my confidence because this is the pace I hope to be able to sustain in Saturday’s 10k in Orlando!


This month I didn’t have the best month in mileage. I set a goal for 55- I’m at 52 as of writing this, so this means I’m going to have to try to fit some mileage in tomorrow after work so I can hit that goal! I have two hours between jobs tomorrow- it’ll be a tight squeeze but I think I can do it!

Fun on my favorite hill!
Fun on my favorite hill!

How’s your training going this month? Do you set monthly mileage goals or just fly by the seat of your pants?

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Recap: 2/15-2/28”

  1. I’m like you in the fact that I need a lot of sleep. I’m tired by the end of the week, but I think now it’s just the norm with working the whole week. They really need to look into adult nap time because that would be great.

    1. Yes! Thank you! Japan has these nap pods that their employees can go in and take 20 minute power naps. The US needs to get on this trend!

  2. You’re awesome – some days managing ONE job and life and running is enough, let alone squeezing in TWO jobs some days! Keep it up – hope you get those 3 miles in today!

    1. It’s between 2-3 depending on if I travel on weekends. If I’m out of town for races on weekends I work more during the week. Definitely makes it hard to fit in training sometimes!

    1. Definitely is! It’s nice to get back to the root of the reason we run- for the pure enjoyment of it!

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