Weekly Workout Recap: 3/6-3/12

Last week in training was AWESOME! As I said before, it’s hard to get my training to be consistent due to the fact that I work a lot, but I definitely try to squeeze workouts in whenever I can. Sometimes you just have a really great week in training and it makes you feel like you’re totally on fire; that was me this past week! It was also really great to be coming off a new 10k PR at Best Damn Race which may have contributed to everything 🙂 Of course, I’m linking up with Megan for this week’s training recap!

Sunday, March 6:

We spent the whole day at Universal Studios today. It had been a while since we got to go, so it was nice to just get to walk around and do fun stuff the whole day. I may complain about the heat and humidity in Florida from time to time but one of the good things is that I am never more than a few hours drive from any of the amusement parks! I actually got to “meet” a “real” velociraptor- I tried to use my live photo button on the new iPhone 6s plus but it didn’t actually capture a live photo with my raptor. Damn.


Monday, March 7: Today I worked a double so I didn’t get to workout. However, I felt pretty good about my day.

Tuesday, March 8: I went for a run from my store downtown- we are currently doing a March Madness mileage challenge where you log your miles for a month and each week people get ‘eliminated’ based on their mileage totals and then matched up against other runners for the following week! I made it past the first round, and we get double miles for running from the store, so I braved the afternoon traffic and managed to log 4.25 miles (so 8.5 in my challenge!) over the bridge downtown. It was a great, much needed run!


Wednesday, March 9: I went to the track today for a speed workout- I wanted to try a new ‘ladder’ workout that I’d heard of in my Believe Training Journal. Technically this is a 5 mile speed workout that goes 400, 800, 1200, 1 mile, 1 mile, 1200, 800,400. It’s supposed to start at your fastest pace, get slower as you approach the mile runs, and then get progressively faster as you work your way back down the ladder. I didn’t have time this evening to do the whole 5 miles though so I did 3 miles (400, 800, 1200, 1 mile, 800) and it felt awesome! One night when I have more time I’ll do the whole workout- as part of my training in the coming months I’d like to incorporate faster speed workouts at longer distances to practice getting faster in the 10k distance!


Thursday, March 10: Today I woke up in a totally pissy mood- I found out that despite repeated requests to have Sunday’s off I had been scheduled for a full day of work on Sunday. Since Sunday is my ONLY day off from both jobs, it’s really hard for me to mentally and physically be “on” that day. However, I really like my second job and would one day like to work my way up the ladder even more, so I figured I had to suck it up and work that day to prove that I’m a good employee. I wasn’t too happy today at all though.


Friday, March 11: I ran 11 miles on the 11th! And I didn’t even realize it until two days later when I was logging my mileage haha! This run really helped me wrap my head around having to give up my weekend. It put me in a better mood and I realized I could fit a weekend long run in on the evening if I had to, although I do prefer to run long in the morning instead. I did loops around my lake and it went well! Normally I don’t like loop courses because the temptation to stop is too enticing, but this time I managed to make the entire distance I shot for. Plus I caught a gorgeous picture of the sunset on one of my loops.

Normally I prefer morning long runs but sunset's like these make me grateful for running period!
Normally I prefer morning long runs but sunset’s like these make me grateful for running period!

Saturday, March 12: I worked all day today and then went to celebrate my amazing friend Alex’s birthday Saturday night! We went to dinner at Cask Social in Tampa and then had drinks at Ciro’s Speakeasy and Supper Club afterwards. I always like going to Ciro’s- not only is the 1920’s one of my favorite eras but I always imagine my grandmother doing something like this with her friends when she was a young adult. I also love to dress up in my flapper dress!

The beautiful birthday girl!
The beautiful birthday girl!
My crew at the 1920's club
My crew at the 1920’s club


Well that was my week in a nutshell!

How was your week in training? Have you ever gone to a 1920’s club? Do you prefer loop courses or out and back routes?

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7 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Recap: 3/6-3/12”

    1. I can see that being an issue. I guess as far as loop courses I just get bored. It’s the same scenery over and over. For a race I like point to point but I can’t do that for training unless I call someone to pick me up on the other side and drive me back! 😜

    1. I’m currently obsessing over the emerald city print! I plan on buying more things in that one.

  1. I’m totally a week behind, so catching up now! A) Jealous of your blue/lime green striped PROs. Those are on my list at some point! <3 B) That sunset is ridiculously amazing and totally worth the mileage to get to see sunsets like that. I'm excited for summer to get to run into the sunset more! And lastly, C) Love the flapper dress! Looks so fun!

    Nice week, lady!
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