As far as races go, I’m definitely a repeat racer. That is, I’m brand loyal and run the same events every year. It’s kind of hard NOT to be when you are an obstacle racer…there aren’t enough OCR’s to not repeat your races, plus there are incentives to do so. Today’s topic for Tuesday’s on the Run (an awesome link up hosted by Erica, Marcia & Patty) is about if you’re a repeat racer or if you try to find new ones every time you race.

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Like I said, eventually it gets hard to run a brand new OCR unless you travel out of state. While there are plenty of smaller, local OCR events, the “big ones” are national and hit several states per year. It’s a good chance if you are an OCR racer you also have your favorites too. It’s no surprise to anyone who has read my blog before that I love Tough Mudder. Savage Race is another favorite of mine and now that they have introduced the Savage Syndicate it gives me more incentive to keep doing them as well as add them to my travel schedule.

Savages Loyalty Program
Savages Loyalty Program

Tough Mudder has the legionnaire program, which rewards repeat Mudders with various colored headbands for completing their 2nd, 3rd, 4th all the way to 50th Tough Mudder. I’m currently on my fourth and ready to earn my fifth!

Hey there yellow headband! Nice to have you on my head!
Hey there yellow headband! Nice to have you on my head!

Spartan Race also has the trifecta program- run three Spartan races (a Sprint, Super and Beast) in one calendar year and earn your Trifecta. Since I just found out I won the giveaway hosted by Ali of Hit the Ground Running (yay!), it has made it possible for me to do one this year! I’m thinking Killington Beast in September, but not ruling out the Carolinas in October either.

Spartan Trifecta Medal holder...aka the Spartan Delta
Spartan Trifecta Medal holder…aka the Spartan Delta

As for non-OCR events, I do have favorites. Best Damn Race always hosts quality events. I’ve done their Orlando event twice (5k and 10k). And I just signed up for the Gasparilla Distance Classic Michelob Ultra Amber Challenge (15k, 5k, 1/2 marathon) next February. That was where I first did my first timed 5k back in 2014. Then of course there are Disney races. Although I haven’t run the same themed event yet, I’m definitely a repeat Disney racer!

How can you not love Disney when you get to take pictures like this?!
How can you not love Disney when you get to take pictures like this?!

Of course I always have a few lined up that I haven’t done before…this year I did Warrior Dash for the first time, I’m going to do the St Pete Beach summer 5k series, and in the fall, Bonefrog is coming to Florida for the first time so I’ll get a chance to try that one. I just wish I could race more than what I do now (and let’s face it- I average about 1 race per month which isn’t too shabby)!

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12 thoughts on “Serial…Racer? ”

    1. That’s awesome! I didn’t know it was a thing with non OCR races. I mean, I guess I did because Disney rewards the “perfect Princesses” who have done the race every year since the inaugural. But a lot of us don’t have the money to do Disney races every year, so I wouldn’t know about that. 😉

    1. OCR isn’t for everyone, just like marathons aren’t for everyone. If you’ve found your niche and something you love that’s awesome! Disney races are super fun. If I had more $$$ I would do more!

    1. I’m very excited for Bonefrog! It’s always nice when a new OCR makes their way down to Florida. We haven’t had many new ones since 2014.

    1. Hopefully lol! Haven’t actually registered yet- trying to work out logistics for travel and such. But I will definitely keep you updated!

  1. You will love the st Pete beach summer series! It’s such a great series. If I hadn’t moved 30 min north in November I’d be back this year. Enjoy! (Oh and best damn leftover race June 4. You know you want to 😉

    1. Lol I do want to but I don’t think I can! I took that weekend off so my boyfriend and I could spend it together and I’m pretty sure we will be in Orlando :-/

  2. If I like a race I will definitely be back to race it again. Although I do try to make sure I get some new races on my calendar each year to change it up and try something new.

    1. Me too! That’s why I’m so excited for Bonefrog to come down here. I’ve heard such great things about it!

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