Garmin Forerunner 230 Review

Many of you probably saw my Instagram post from a few weeks ago when I bit the bullet and upgraded from a Garmin Forerunner 25 to the Garmin Forerunner 230. My store had them on sale and I just couldn’t pass up the awesome price and the extra features it comes with! Plus it motivates me to get out and run and we all know what a little extra motivation can do, especially in the summer! 

The very first run I did with it was just a basic run- no bells or whistles. I LOVE how quickly it connects to the GPS- even faster than the 25 model, which was pretty fast! This model has access to GLONASS satellites too, which pulls from more satellites so it gets a reading much quicker than watches that don’t have it. 

When I went out for my next run I tried to use the interval feature, but since I’m not tech savvy and forgot to read the manual before going out I didn’t know much about how to add intervals. This resulted in me having to guess how many times I wanted the interval to repeat (instead of just being able to turn it on indefinitely until I was done with the run). Now that I’ve actually read about it I will be better able to use that feature. I’ve also started playing around with the virtual pacer- I love how it vibrates on my wrist to alert me rather than just beeping. Sometimes with the previous model I was running in an area with heavy traffic or close to the interstate so I wasn’t always able to hear the beep notifications. 

Another cool feature I came across (totally by accident too!) was the ability to answer a phone call with my watch. I was actually in the shower and it began vibrating on my wrist so I looked down and it was alerting me to the fact that I had a call coming in! I pushed the arrow key and apparently it answered it. Which wasn’t the best idea since my phone was not in my vicinity and I was unable to talk to the person calling me. But it’s cool to know I can do that! 

Speaking of water- it’s water resistant to 5 ATM (140 meters) which means I can take it on my mud runs with no issues. It also has the option for a heart rate strap (I haven’t gotten on the heart rate train yet- the straps annoy me) and will calculate cool stats like VO2 max if paired with the HRM. 

In short, I love the new Garmin I have and all the features it contains. I haven’t used all of them yet but I’ve only had it for a few weeks. I’m currently playing around with a mapping app I download from Garmin Connect which allows you to map out areas you are running in so you will be able to see points where you’ve run. This is a handy feature for people who are directionless like I am! 

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    1. I think you meant to post this on my post about Orlando- I’ll still address it here though haha.

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      1. I think your ads are making the page jump around. I agree with similar regulations but do not support an “assault weapons” ban whatever that is. Even with the previous assault weapons ban these shooters could have simply used a Ruger ranch rifle which does the same thing as an AR-15 or MCX. If you make your argument to ban any semi-auto chambered in .223 or larger then it at least makes sense but I personally do not agree with that legislature. If people want change I feel they should focus on the local/state level instead of jumping to the federal level imposing their opinions on everyone. Thanks for your reply. Nice review on the Garmin btw! 🙂

  2. um not sure how that comment wound up there. If you could move it or delete it feel free! Sorry!

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