Weekly Workout Recap 5/30-6/4

How many of you are streaking like me?! It was a pretty successful first week in my first #RWRunStreak for the summer of 2016. I joined this with the hope that it would help keep me motivated to run and get out even in the sweltering summer heat we normally get down south. So far I think things have been going pretty well! 

Monday, May 30 (Memorial Day): Even though I worked, I was allowed to go on the fun run tonight! I wore my brand new Pro Compression 4th of July themed socks. Merica! 

Tuesday, May 31: Had to work tonight as well but I didn’t have to go in until 4 so that gave me two hours between jobs. Managed to squeeze in a short mile. Timed, did it in 9:31. 

Wednesday, June 1: Happy Global Running Day! Headed out with about 200 other runners for our route to Celery Fields and back. Then enjoyed some nice cold brews and a cookout afterwards. 

Thursday, June 2: Once again, work called. This time I wasn’t feeling to well right after work so I decided to wait until later. I managed to get on the treadmill at work and do a series of 400s while testing out some new shoes. Talk about multitasking! 

Friday, June 3: Today was just all around complicated, so I had to settle for a mile walk. Between traveling up to Tampa and dealing with stormy weather, it was all I could get. 

Saturday, June 4: 8 miles with my friend Alicia this morning! We ran a 10k then did a mile cool down plus a mile warm up to start. Easy paced run. It was hot and hard to keep going in the less shady parts of the trails. She’s training for her first 10k so it was pretty awesome to get to run long distance with her!


Total Weekly Mileage: 17 miles 

For me it was a pretty successful first week in streaking. I was able to at least do one mile per day, and I felt more motivated to get out and run despite it being hot. This week is starting out looking stormy all week so we will see what it brings! I may be doing a lot of treadmill miles. 😬 

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