Mid-Year Goal Check In

Can you believe it’s the second week in July already? I can’t. It’s said every single year, but it’s totally crazy how fast this year is flying by! Summer is halfway over, my cruise vacation is only 27 days away!!!! Can you tell I’m super excited about that part? Ha! I’ve even considered starting my packing list already, because, you know, I need to plan my outfits. Anyway, right around this time is when I check in with my goals and see how I’ve been doing so far- if I’m on track or not. When I first wrote down my goals in my Believe Training Journal for this year, they looked like this:


Goal #1: Be able to complete obstacles by myself, particularly ones that have troubled me before

This one is a yes and no. Some obstacles I have improved on- Funky Monkey from Tough Mudder, the 6 foot walls, the rope climb. Others still evade me (I’m talking to you King of the Swingers and Sawtooth!) I’m still working on my strength- I was doing boot camp pretty religiously during April/May and then started to focus more on endurance and speed work. This past Saturday I went back to boot camp, got my ass kicked and have now set a smaller goal to go once a week. There’s a great place in Clearwater that focuses on obstacle specific training called Prime-8 Fitness– they have lots of obstacles in their gym and their boot camps are pretty hardcore! Plus they don’t charge $100 a month like Crunch does- the drop in rates for their classes are pretty fair. Being that it’s in Clearwater, I don’t know how often I will realistically be able to go, but I’m shooting for once a week to work on that grip strength!

Goal #2: Improve my age group placing at OCR races. 

I’ve seen pretty steady progress in this area since I started running. Last year in the 9 months between the Spartan Races I did I knocked 20 minutes off my time for the sprint distance and improved my AG placement by over 100 spots. That’s kind of an extreme example, but I have been getting better and better every time I race. I don’t by any means think I’m an elite OCR racer (or that I’ll ever be- I just don’t have the desire to train that hard), but I know I could be in a solid position in my AG if I keep up with the above mentioned boot camp and strength training.

Goal #3: Get my nutrition under control; stop eating out as much and grocery shop/cook more.

BIG FAT FAIL. I do occasionally grocery shop and cook more but for the most part I eat out a lot. This is mainly because I work a lot (some days I’m only at home for an hour during the day) and cooking is the last thing on my mind on those days. I have found some new recipes that are very good and easy to make, so I’m going to be giving this more of an effort. But I’m not going to set myself up for failure and say I will totally forego eating out. I know that’s not realistic for my lifestyle. I think I’ll start with a goal to cook two nights per week and go from there. Ease into it, right?

Race season is coming up soon (starts back in full force in September!) and I think I’ve been setting myself up for success so far this summer. My training and running is back on track (after taking a short break around the end of April) and if I can keep up with the strength training now as well as the running, I will be in good shape. I seriously can’t wait for race season to start though- Bonefrog Challenge is my first ‘major’ OCR this fall and I’m super excited to try them out! They are new to Florida and I’ve heard so many awesome things about them!

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3 thoughts on “Mid-Year Goal Check In”

  1. I can’t believe July is almost over. Where has this year gone!?!?!

    I hope you have a ton of fun on your cruise! I’m still hoping to one day do an OCR, but as I just re-confirmed yesterday, I’m not going to have any weekends where I won’t be working basically from now until mid-December. har har har. ._.

    Great job on improving your race category and doing more obstacles on your own! The nutrition one is hard–small steps are definitely the way to go! Gotta start somewhere! <3

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