Breaking Out of My Running Rut…

It’s no secret I’ve been in a running rut lately. My posts on social media have dwindled, I haven’t been going running as often and I’ve used practically every excuse in the book to avoid running. Everyone goes through this at least once in their running career, even top pro runners. But when it’s happening to you it feels like you’re the only person in the world who can’t find joy in something that used to being you so much happiness. And it’s frustrating as hell trying to convince yourself to run. Lately, however, I’ve taken some steps to break out of this rut. Here’s what I’m doing: 

Joining a training group. There’s a local Jeff Galloway group that I’ve recently joined, which is how I typically train for my longer races. Not only is this holding me accountable because I know other people are expecting me to show up but it’s more fun to run with friends anyway. And specifically friends who are training using the same method. A few times I’ve gone on training runs with friends who don’t use Galloway. Sometimes I feel good but others I feel so tired halfway through and I worry that I’m holding them back by not being able to keep up with their pace or tiring out faster. My first group run will be this Saturday and it helps knowing I won’t be the only one out at 5:45 am!! 

Running with friends makes everything better!

Changing up my racing. I love racing. And I race a lot. But I think I’ve overdone it this year. The thought of racing right now doesn’t bring me as much joy as it used to. I’m typically really hard on myself and I want to do well, so it’s also hard to have a type A personality like that because if I don’t do well I feel I’m letting myself down. However, I decided to pick one goal to focus on this fall instead of a billion- finishing my first Spartan Trifecta. Spreading myself too thin had become a problem I think. I’m also resisting the desire to sign up for a bunch more races. 

most of these are from the 2015 race season…you could say i race a lot

Mapping out my new training plan. I printed out the training plan I’m going to use for my Galloway group and by organizing it and putting it in the calendar it makes me feel productive! It also gets me excited for the group runs to come and being able to check off days I’ve trained on the calendar. 

Ordering new running gear. I’m in the process of ordering a bunch of new running gear! Of course I have my socks from Pro Compression coming (hopefully tomorrow!) and I also have some new clothes from Skirt Sports on the way too! It always inspires me to get out and run when I get new pretty clothes so I can take pictures and post them on social media! 

i rock skirt sports and pro compression a LOT

Pressing the reset button has helped clear my mind of negativity and given me a more positive outlook on future training runs. I’m focusing on upcoming training sessions not previous skipped ones and I’m trying my best not to worry about time or pace and just run for the fun of it! 

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2 thoughts on “Breaking Out of My Running Rut…”

  1. I was in a BIG running rut earlier this year. I hired myself a running coach and knowing that she’s holding me accountable has helped a ton! Everything you’re doing sounds awesome, so I hope you crawl (or run!) out of that rut soon!

    1. Running last night was good! I feel like this has been going on all summer pretty much. It typically happens to me in the summer.

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