TOTR: Fall Racing Plans

This year isn’t like other fall schedules- typically I have a few key races scheduled months in advance and then I add to it as the months go on when I find something interesting. However, this year I’m cutting back on races gasp! and focusing more on training for the Gasparilla Amber Challenge goal race I have in February 2017. I do have some mud runs (of course) scheduled for the coming months though.


Bonefrog Challenge: I’m super excited to run this race as this is the first time they’ve come to Florida. Traditionally a northeastern race, they’ve been expanding their cities to include new spots up and down the east coast. From what I’ve heard, their events are getting good reviews, so I can’t wait to try them! 


Spartan Sprint: This will be my third Spartan sprint- and really the only reason I’m doing this is because it’s the third part of my trifecta. 

Savage Race: I wasn’t too sure I was going to do this one again for fall as I’ve got a pretty packed October, but I think I will end up doing it. They added a new program called the Savage Syndicate for repeat Savage Racers and I’m looking forward to earning my new medal and Florida state pin! I might even have to plan an out of state savage for next year to collect another pin. 

Spartan Beast: Earning my trifecta wasn’t actually a part of my original plan but it sort of just fell in my lap. First I registered for the Super, then they added a sprint in Florida and then I won a free Spartan Race entry via my friend Ali from Hit the Ground Running. I guess this years trifecta was just meant to be! 


For the first time…I’m not going Tough Mudder this fall! It’s crazy to think of missing my all time favorite event, but a friend of mine was doing her first 10k and she wanted me to sign up and run it with her. So we will be at the runDisney Wine n Dine 10k that weekend in November! I’m pretty excited to be able to attend the International Food and Wine Festival.



Recent announcements- ahem, Battlefrog cancellation- have changed my plans slightly for December. I’m still signed up for the Spartan Super in Jacksonville, but that’s the only thing on my list for this month! 

Despite what seems like a heavy race schedule, id normally be doing a lot more. I’ve refrained from signing up for as much as I normally would because I’m trying to focus on one thing at a time instead of burning myself out doing too much. Hopefully it works! 

Linking up with Erika, Patty and Marcia for Tuesday’s on the Run! 

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    1. I’m always so excited for fall racing season! It’s nice to get back into a routine after taking the summer “off”

  1. Sounds like a fun race schedule! I am not racing this fall but can’t wait until I can start putting together a race schedule for next year and am hoping to branch out and try some different kinds of races!

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