Thinking Out Loud Thursday

Since I drop in on this link up from time to time, I won’t even try to number it because I’m not sure what number it actually is! Linking up with Amanda from Running with Spoons for Thinking Out Loud Thursdays!

Thinking-Out-Loud2 (1)1. I’ve recently become re-obsessed with the Vampire Diaries TV show. I stopped watching it after season 4 originally, but now I picked it back up again and have watched season 5 & 6 in the past week. My goal is to catch up by the time it premieres for its final season on October 21st.


2. It’s officially autumn! This is my favorite holiday for many reasons, mostly because humidity starts to go down (hopefully soon!) and we begin to get cooler mornings and evenings. I live in Florida, so realistically speaking this won’t really happen until close to November, but if we are lucky we will get some better weather soon. Plus rainy season is almost over so those pesky thunderstorms will stop messing with my ability to run outside in the afternoons!

3. Bonefrog Challenge is this weekend! I’m so excited to be racing again. I haven’t done a mud run since May. Yes, I said May. That’s almost 4 months ago. It’s crazy! And this will be my first race that I run for my new buddy from the IRun4 program, Isaac. I’ve been his runner for about a month and a half now. He seems like a super sweet kid. I can’t wait to send him his medal!


4. This coming weekend is my first whole weekend off since I went on the cruise…and I’m excited to finally have a chance to do the things I want to do without havng to worry about obligations and such. Saturday I have a race in the morning and then Saturday night I got free tickets to our local comedy club to go see Capone. If you haven’t seen him, watch one of his videos. He’s hilarious. *Warning: mature audiences only. Offensive language used in the video*

5. I received my first StrideBox in the mail last week. It was full of new nutrition products that I’d never heard of before. I’ve tried almost everything that came in the box, but my two favorites have been the Nutraplex energy bar and the Vitalyte drink. Normally I don’t like grape flavored things that much but the drink had a mild taste to it. I didn’t really like the Go Cubes chewable coffee…that tasted weird and I think I’ll stick to normal coffee!  Anyway, I’m glad for my subscription and am looking forward to see what goodies I get in next months box.


6. Next summer we are planning a trip! Like an actual vacation- not a runcation haha.  I want to go someplace awesome that we’ve never been before but I have some regulations. As much as I’d like to, I can’t really go out of the country. I have some big goals on the horizon so I don’t want to spend a ton of money on my trip. My top choices so far have been California (wine country area), Phoenix and the Grand Canyon, Colorado and Seattle/Portland area. All of them would be beautiful over the summer and have things I’ve always wanted to see/do. I just can’t really decide which one I want to go to!

What’s your favorite season? Do you get any of the subscription boxes? Where should I vacation next year?

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