Ultimate Coffee Date: September 2016

It’s officially September. How did this happen again? I swear yesterday it was March…

Anyway, I’m joining in the Ultimate Coffee Date with Deborah & Coco.


If we were having coffee I’d tell you…that I’m a little disappointed with how my birthday turned out. I wasn’t planning on having a big party here at home because my mom made it sound like we were going to do stuff on the cruise. And they did- for everyone but me. The first night both my brothers (who’s birthdays are in February and June) had cakes and everyone sang to them. When it came time to celebrate my birthday, it was totally overshadowed by both my aunt’s, who’s actual birthdays happened on the cruise. They didn’t even give me a small cake or sing to me like they did for my brothers. Plus my birthday fell on a Monday this year so everyone was busy with work and school and stuff. It really just felt underwhelming.

This is so true.
This is so true.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you…we’ve gone through three managers in August at my second job. Our original manager quit and then we got a new one for two weeks, but he left and now we have a third. I like all the managers so far, but this one is kind of changing things up from the way they were. And now my schedule is like completely jacked. Typically I work two nights a week and then Saturday, which gives me about 15-20 hours a week. Lately they’ve been scheduling me for every day that my availability is open…so I have had to change my availability to ensure that I have enough time to train for races and stuff. We’ll have to see how this plays out…

If we were having coffee I’d tell you…I recently started Pure Barre with my mom. It’s pretty fun and a surprisingly intense workout! We bought a Groupon so we have 4 classes left. Who knows- maybe she will find something she likes and stick with it? She’s not much of a cardio person.


If we were having coffee I’d tell you…I’m super stoked about all my new Skirt Sports gear! It looks awesome and I’m always excited to be wearing it out to runs.

Some of the new stuff I got from Skirt...follow me on IG to see more!
Some of the new stuff I got from Skirt…follow me on IG to see more!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you…I’m really tired of this weather we’ve been having. It’s either miserably hot outside or storming. If it’s miserably hot I don’t really want to be outside because after less than 5 minutes I feel like I’m melting and when it’s storming I can’t be outside, despite wanting to be. And literally everything I want to do lately is outside.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you…it’s really exciting that they are opening so many new restaurants in my area! For the longest time we had the same old boring restaurants and it was either really expensive places or cheap fast food. Now they’ve been adding more middle tier restaurants. So far I’ve tried JPAN Sushi & Grill, Blaze Pizza, Daily Eats, Oak & Stone, Pei Wei, Fast n’ Fresh and maybe a few more I can’t remember. I’ve heard some really good things about this place called Burger Fi and Keke’s Breakfast Cafe. Those might have to be next on my list!

The beer tap wall at Oak & Stone.
The beer tap wall at Oak & Stone.


Have you ever felt ‘overlooked’ on your birthday? Are you a foodie? Have you tried any of the above mentioned restaurants? 


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4 thoughts on “Ultimate Coffee Date: September 2016”

  1. Time is passing by wayyy too quickly! I’m sorry to hear that your birthday didn’t turn out the way you would’ve liked! :[ <3

    Good luck with your work schedule! All those management changes + adjusting to new things all the time can't be fun. x_x

    I've never tried Pure Barre but have been meaning to at some point! :O It looks like it'd be pretty fun (although I'm generally not a cardio person, haha).

    I generally feel somewhat overlooked for my birthday since I'm usually across the country from my family/closest friends so I don't end up getting to do anything with them (+ all the moving around in the past couple years)–I'm usually working on my birthday too, but ifff I'm not, I just take myself out for something tasty and spend the day doing something cool! 😛
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  2. I’m sorry your birthday was underwhelming. It’s the worst when you get your expectations built up and then the reality doesn’t meet those expectations, especially if it seems like other people were the reason things got overshadowed. Maybe you can try again for your first anniversary of being 30 next year!

    Burger Fi is AWESOME. Their shakes are so good.

    1. Ok well then I definitely need to try that restaurant!

      Yes, I think next year I will plan something just for me. This way the same thing doesn’t happen. My aunt turns 60 next year and they are doing a big cruise but I think my boyfriend and I will do something separate just for us 🙂

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