Weekly Workouts 9/25-10/1

In an effort to keep my new workout schedule and be motivated to continue weight training, I’m trying to do weekly workout recaps again. I find it easier to take weight training and stuff like yoga one week at a time instead of trying to make a plan for several months. Since weight training is not something I particularly enjoy doing, its easier to focus on short term gains instead of long term ones. Anyway, here’s my workouts for this week:

Sunday, 9/25: Rest day. Saturday I ran the Bonefrog Challenge so today I took the day off to recuperate.

Monday, 9/26: An active rest day. I worked both jobs so I didn’t workout, but I was on my feet walking around all day.

Tuesday, 9/27: Double workout day! After I got off work I went to the gym to do a back and abs workout. Then I went to the Fit2Run UTC training group and ran 3 miles, with a Magic Mile pace of 9:29. It wasn’t my best Magic Mile, but coming off of the crazy difficult race this weekend, I’ll take it.

  • Lat pulldown, 3×10, 40 lbs
  • T-bar row, 3×10, 55 lbs
  • Wide grip seated row with DB, 3×10, 20 lbs
  • Straight arm lat pulldown, 3×10, 40 lbs
  • Weighted extension, 3×10, 10lb weight
  • Russian Twist, 2×100, 10 lb kettlebell
  • Lying Knee Lift, 3×20
  • Crunch, 3×20

Wednesday, 9/28: I was a little pressed for time today, but still managed to get in a half hour workout.

  • Cardio warm up, 10 mins, rower
  • Leg extension, 3×10, 75 lbs
  • Leg curl, 3×10, 75 lbs
  • Seated calf press, 3×10, 75 lbs
  • Leg press, 3×10, 100 lbs

Thursday, 9/29: Rest day and double work day! It’s kind of nice to have a day off from weights haha. But back to the grind tomorrow.

Friday 9/30: Woke up feeling like total shit today. Took a Voke Tab for energy halfway through the day and went to the gym in the late afternoon.

  • One arm tricep extension, 3×12, 12.5 lb DB
  • Tricep extension, 3×12, 25 lb DB
  • Kneeling tricep extension, 3×12, 12.5 lb DB
  • Chest press, 3×12, 25 lb
  • Chest fly, 3×12, 12.5 lb DB each side
  • Overhead chest press, 3×12, 12.5 lb DB each side
  • Shoulder press, 3×12, 12.5 lb DB each side
  • Shoulder press machine, 3×10, 40 lb
  • Tricep press machine, 3×10, 55lb
  • Chest press machine, 3×8, 40 lb

When I got back in the car I could barely lift my arm to drive home. Yep, it was a good workout! I’m looking forward to taking the weekend off of weights though!

Saturday, 10/1: It’s finally October y’all! I’m so excited for my favorite month! For a zillion reasons, but Halloween happens to be one of my FAVORITE holidays. Anyway, this morning I woke up early to go to the Fit2Run Downtown training group run where I ran 6 miles. I wanted to do more, but an allergy attack had my breathing all messed up this weekend, so I had to settle for 6 slowww miles. 6 miles is better than no miles though, right?


Overall, I’d say this week was a successful week in workouts. I had briefly thought of doing yoga as well, but the fact that I felt like crap all weekend had me not really wanting to add more workouts to my plate, even if they were the relaxing type. Hopefully this coming week I can manage to fit a yoga class in! I’m making a plan this week to get my weight workouts in as well. If I can keep this 3x per week at the gym going I think I’ll have a pretty good schedule this month!

How were your weekly workouts? Do you have trouble with any particular workout you know you should be doing more of? 

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