Gasparilla Amber Challenge Training Week 1: 11/28-12/4

It’s been a few weeks since I linked up with the lovely ladies of the Weekly Wrap (Holly & Tricia), but I didn’t have any training to post! Honestly I feel like my life is a little boring when I don’t train- everything I do pretty much revolves around running! This week I actually had a rather full week of training- the first time in three weeks! I’m super excited to be back to working out regularly and back to this link up!


For anyone who doesn’t know, the Gasparilla Michelob Amber Challenge is the 15k, 5k & 1/2 marathon. It’s a total of 25.5 miles (almost a marathon 😉 ) over the weekend. The 15k & 5k are run on Saturday and the 1/2 is run on Sunday. Early on I had thought I wanted to PR the half distance, but after this injury, I’m thinking a 5k PR is easier to train for and much more do-able without re-injuring myself. Besides, I have other halfs I’m running this spring that I could PR in!

Anyway, training and weekly update!

Monday, November 28: I really wanted to run today, but I knew running back to back days was not smart. Since I ran Sunday morning, I went to the gym today instead for some light weight lifting. I’ve been focusing on lighter weights with higher reps- which I’ve been told is good for runners and building strength.

Tuesday, November 29: No workout today. It was my day off and I went and celebrated my anniversary by having dinner at our favorite restaurant- Texas de Brazil! It’s the best place ever to eat. My favorite things are the lobster bisque and the bacon wrapped filet mignon.

If this doesn't look like the most amazing thing ever...we can't be friends. (I'm only half kidding.)
If this doesn’t look like the most amazing thing ever…we can’t be friends. (I’m only half kidding.)

Wednesday, November 30: Today I worked all day, so I didn’t work out.

Thursday, December 1: For the first time in weeks, I was able to go back to the fun run at UTC to hang out and run with my previous group! I’m super excited about it! I missed running with my people! At the end of the fun run, they decided to take a picture where they pick me up, but the back half of them didn’t communicate with the front half and the front half ended up dropping me! It was quite amusing!

Friday, December 2: This morning I took a cycle class at CycleBar. Today was the first time I got to ride with Kristen. She’s definitely more into hills and slower tempo songs than some of the other instructors. Sometimes I need that push though! My quads were feeling it for the rest of the day! Thank goodness I work at a place that has foam rollers ;-).

Saturday, December 3: Today is a rest day. I’m prepping for my first ‘long’ run of the season tomorrow- planning on 5-6 miles depending on how my ankle feels. I’m hoping for 6 but willing to stop earlier if i need to. It did feel a bit “off” after work so I iced it for 15 minutes tonight.

Sunday, December 4: Long run Sunday! It felt really good to be able to get out and run 6 miles. It was a slower pace than I’m used to, but progress on this injury is progress! I’m happy for any miles I get!

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So that was my week last week! Hopefully the ankle continues to feel good this week and I can resume a regular training schedule.

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9 thoughts on “Gasparilla Amber Challenge Training Week 1: 11/28-12/4”

    1. Thank you! Hopefully I can get back to full training in the next week or two. It’s so hard to take it slow!

  1. I’m a local Tampa girl so your link up caught my eye on the Weekly Wrap! As Tricia said, the swag is pretty cool! I love my Gasparilla bling and they run such a fabulous event! I did the challenges the two previous years. I promised myself not to do anything that crazy this year! I went at “race pace” last year and my body was beat up last year! Keep up your strength work and it’ll pay off in an event like the Gasparilla Challenges!:)
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    1. Thanks, glad you stopped by! Tampa is about an hour away from me so I’m up there frequently. I haven’t done this particular challenge yet- I did a Disney one this past year but I definitely wasn’t trying to PR or anything, I just stopped and took a bunch of pictures with characters along the way. This one will be a bit different, but that’s the key- sticking with strength training, which I’m actually quite horrible at!

    2. Definitely been doing more cross training these past few months. I think my monthly massages are also helping quite a lot!

  2. That does sound like a fun challenge and the mileage more evenly split up over the two days than most others. Happy Anniversary! We have a steak shop here in town that charges extra if you DON’T want the bacon wrapped around your filet. I always thought that was amusing. Thanks for linking, Montana!

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