Gasparilla Amber Challenge Training Week 8: 1/8-1/14/17

Hi guys! I’m back from California and I’m super happy about it! While the expo weeks were fun, they sure are exhausting and I’m glad to be able to get back to a regular routine with my running and work life. Linking up with Tricia and Holly for Weekly Wrap!

Sunday, January 8: Didn’t have much planned today but I did go to CycleBar’s brunch class with Rachael this morning. It felt good to work out but I’m really glad it wasn’t a run- after that entire week on my feet for super long hours I needed time off of them!

Monday, January 9: I worked a short day today, but didn’t do any workouts. After work I went home and packed for California.

Tuesday, January 10: The morning started with an OTF workout class- it was peak week so today we had to run our furthest distance in 2 minutes, which for me was 2.55 miles at a 9:13 overall pace. The goal is to beat that in four months at the next peak week, and I definitely want to be faster by then! We also did weights and 2x300m row. It was a good workout! After that I had lunch and got ready to leave for California. Our flight left at 3:45 pm so we were taken to the airport and on our way! By the time we got to California it was 7pm Cali time but 10pm Florida time. I thought the jet lag would bother me but found that I wasn’t that tired at night- the issue was waking up in the morning! Almost every morning I was there I was awake at 4 or 5 am because that would be 7 or 8 am Florida time! Anyway we went to In n Out for dinner tonight- which I heard was a California tradition. It was pretty good- not gonna lie.

Wednesday, January 11: This was the first day of work for us. Today was expo set up so it was a pretty low key day. We worked 9-4 setting everything up and then we were free to do our own thing at night. A group of us went to get Mexican food at Mi Casa Mexicana- it was pretty authentic and delicious.

Light Side half entry!

Thursday, January 12: The first day of expo is always the longest day! Today we worked 8-8:30 (the expo was open 10a-8p) so it was a pretty exhausting day and I didn’t get much else done. The California expos aren’t as crazy as the Florida ones though- there were a lot of people but it seemed slow compared to marathon weekend the week before.

Friday, January 13: Today we didn’t have to be to work until 11 am- so what do runners do? Rather than sleep in like everyone else, a coworker and I took off towards Laguna Beach to explore some trails. We went to one park that was closed due to ‘wet and muddy conditions’ but snuck in to take pics anyway and then headed over to Laguna Hills. We ran some awesome trails up a hill there- it was an actual hill too- the elevation was 520 feet when we came to the top rather than the measly 16-20 feet I get here in Florida. The views from the top were gorgeous! Overall it was about 3.5 miles.

There are mountains here??

From the park where we weren’t supposed to run- haha.
View from the hill we ran up at Laguna Hills

When we got to the expo that day, Chewie was waiting to take some pics so I went up and gave him a huge hug! I love wookiees!


Saturday, January 14: Final day of the expo! It felt like a really long day though because this was two weeks of expos for me. I was kind of out of it most of the day to be honest. Breakdown went really quickly at the end of the expo though, and we were out of there pretty early. We all went to an Italian restaurant close by for some carb loading dinner because most of us were running the half the following day on Sunday. It was really good and definitely satisfying.

At the Italian restaurant- wondering how much we can eat using the ‘carb load’ excuse.

I tried to get to bed early because we had an early wakeup call the next day but it was super hard to with all the excitement in the hotel room. We finally went to bed around 11 pm- I’ll have my race recap up soon but I’ll leave you with a teaser pic from the race 🙂

Hugging Chewie at the race!




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2 thoughts on “Gasparilla Amber Challenge Training Week 8: 1/8-1/14/17”

  1. I came to your booth at the Disney FL expo and asked for you! And…it was the wrong booth. LOL #bloggerfailure I was so rattled after sitting on a Disney bus forever in traffic. It was a parking lot with all of the halfers coming back that day. Kudos for working those expos. I can’t imagine being there for days on end. I love your pictures with Chewie and look forward to hearing the details of your race. I’ve never been to Disneyland but that Star Wars race would definitely be awesome. Thanks for linking, Montana!

    1. Aw, well I’m glad you tried! I understand completely- Disney expos are huge and the amount of people is insane- it does get kind of crazy. It’s challenging to work an expo…the first two days are usually ok but by the end of the week we are all feeling it and just want to go back home! My Star Wars recap is up from last week 🙂 It was a great race!

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