Gasparilla Amber Challenge Training Week 12: 2/6-2/12

Taper week! It’s finally here! I was really hoping to have a race recap up for you about the Best Damn Race Safety Harbor but it turns out they were having issues with their photographers and haven’t gotten the race photos out yet. Hopefully those are out soon so I can share how the race went! Linking up with Tricia & Holly for the Weekly Wrap. 🙂

Monday, February 6: Because of my back to back long run this past weekend, today was a rest day, and a much needed one at that. We did have our weekly fun run at night and gave away 6 free pair of Oofos! We also had a post super bowl party- I was really hoping the Falcons would pull off the win but they weren’t able to. I still enjoyed the wings and beer though.

Tuesday, February 7: I really felt like I needed a speed day so I went to the track to do some 800m repeats. One thing I learned from reading my Jeff Galloway books is I have been doing speedwork wrong according to Jeff. I used to think the whole point of speedwork is to run at or close to your VO2 max for each repeat. This used to lead to me not being very consistent with pacing because I would get tired and burn myself out and not be able to keep pace. From reading his Half Marathon: You Can Do It! book, what I learned is that your repeats (when training for a half or full marathon) should be longer (800m-1600m) and focus more on a ‘tempo’ pace, trying to keep it consistent for the entire time you do your repeats. This time I focused on consistency and did 8×800 at an average pace of 9:25. I felt much stronger and better than I did before- and my recovery didn’t take forever. I’m going to keep trying this bi-weekly while I’m in marathon training- hopefully I can bring my average pace up over time!

Wednesday, February 8: Since I had the whole day off today, I did what people who are runners and workout enthusiasts do- I worked out like all day. First I started the morning with an OTF (OrangeTheory Fitness) class. This was a ‘strength’ day, focusing more on weights and uphill sprints rather than regular running. It was definitely a challenging class and I was pretty exhausted at the end of it!

Then I went up to St. Pete to pick up some extra medals from Best Damn Race (thanks guys!) to send to my IRun4 buddy, Isaac, and on the way back made a pit stop by Vertical Ventures, the indoor climbing gym. I climbed for about two hours, varying between the top rope style climbing (where you’re attached to a large rope and someone on the ground is belaying you) and bouldering (climbing shorter walls with no ropes attached). This type of workout definitely kills your arms and grip! It’s always pretty fun though!

Finally I stopped by the St. Pete Fit2Run and joined them in their Wednesday night fun run, running 3 miles around Vinoy Park. I tried out my new Hoka Bondi’s…they felt pretty good- I think. My legs were pretty sore from the morning workouts so I couldn’t tell if it was just that or if the shoe made me feel a little funky. I’ll test them again this week to be sure.

Whew! That was a crazy day!!

Thursday, February 9: This was definitely a rest day and I had to pull an open-close shift at work due to one of my other managers being sick. I was glad to not feel the need to workout though because I was super sore from the OTF class the day prior.

Friday, February 10: Took another rest day. Was dealing with some crazy stuff with my previous job- still not having my tax returns to me and being extremely unhelpful with me getting it!! Needless to say, I spent most of my day on the phone and pissed off.

Saturday, February 11: Woke up early this morning to meet a friend who was doing a marathon training run for half the distance. I was intending to do 10 miles today, but we got stopped a few miles in by a guy on the street who was shouting about needing an ambulance due to being drunk and high. At first we contemplated ignoring him (because we usually ignore random people who yell at us when we run) but then he dropped to the ground and began convulsing and was attempting to cross the street on all fours! So we called 911 and waited for the ambulance to get there (safely, on the other side of the road from the crazy person). But that took a good 25 minutes of time total off our run and by the time we finished the 7 miles my friend had left, I had to get back to go to work. It was definitely one of the more interesting runs I’ve had!

Not the prettiest route, but sometimes you just need to get the job done!

Sunday, February 12: Can I just say how incredibly awesome it feels to NOT have to wake up for back to back long runs this weekend? I got to sleep in until 8 and it was glorious. I still have to work today, but at least I am well rested!

Now I’m getting super excited for Gasparilla week! I can’t wait to have a weekend of running, friends and fun!

How did your week go? What are you looking forward to currently? Any big races coming up? 

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10 thoughts on “Gasparilla Amber Challenge Training Week 12: 2/6-2/12”

    1. Gotta get it in while I can lol! I wondered about that guy but we really have no way of finding out. Some people need a life adjustment and I think this guy was one of them. Maybe once he got his stomach pumped he will realize that…but somehow I doubt it.

    1. The mental challenge is what’s appealing to me. I love to think about what hand hold or foot hold I need to grip next. This time around I tried some tougher routes than I had before and I really enjoyed the new challenge!

  1. I’ve been sleeping in on the weekends lately and it feels fabulous! But in the heat that will soon return, I won’t be able to do that. I don’t think I’d do very well with at the climbing gym. I have little strength in my hands. It does look like a fun activity though. Something different — which is always good. I’ll interested to hear your thoughts after following Galloway’s advice on intervals. Thanks for linking, Montana!

    1. I’m going to try it throughout marathon training and see if it works better than what I was previously doing. I wasn’t really improving much with my track workouts previously so maybe this will be better for me! I’ll definitely be recapping it as I link up- this is going to keep me accountable during marathon training! Especially since, as you said, it’ll be hot soon so I’ll be waking up earlier than ever during marathon training to get those pre-sun miles in!

    1. Looks like we are headed to each other’s neck of the woods in 2018! YOu’ll be coming here for Gasparilla and I’ll be headed to New Orleans for Rock n Roll! Hopefully we get a chance to meet IRL!

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