Chicago Marathon Training Week 4: May 21- May 27

Remember in my previous post when I said I had recently become more active in the Hogwarts Running Club? Well this week was a challenge week (Go GryffinPuff!) where we were paired with another house and our objective was to beat the other two houses (spoiler alert: we didn’t win, but we had lots of fun!) so I was super motivated to get those miles in this week! Linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap!

Sunday, May 21: 

Because we stayed up suuuuper late at the wedding the previous night, today was a total rest day. Sleeping in, relaxing…it was a nothing day and a much needed one at that.

Monday, May 22: 

Back to work I go and back to the daily grind! Today I ran with the fun run (like I usually do) but this time I did 4 miles in accordance with my plan at an easy pace. It was a good run!

The group I usually run with on Mondays

Tuesday, May 23: 

Tuesday Night Track night! I went out to the local middle school track with the TNT group and got in some miles. We did an 800m warmup with 3 sets of the following workout: 800m @ 5k pace, 400m recovery, 300m fast (er than 5k pace), 200m recovery, repeat. Then an 800m cooldown. All in all, I ended up with another 4 miles of speedwork. It was a pretty intense workout- but then again my Tuesday speed sessions always are pretty intense.

Wednesday, May 24: 

Wednesday’s are not running days, and today I had some things that were bothering me at work. I can’t at the moment remember what, but it bothered me enough that when I got off work I just wanted to go home and chill on the couch, which is exactly what I did. I felt kind of bad for not getting any miles in, but I made up for it Thursday…

Thursday, May 25: 

Tonight was the night a friend and I had planned to run our virtual Unmasked 10 miler together! We decided to do it in two parts so we met at a local bar for their 5k fun run at 6 and ran those miles, then she decided to go home (she has just started running so she wants to work up to 10miles- smart idea!) and I continued on to finish the whole 10. I drove downtown to my store where I left my stuff and headed out on another 7 mile run. I felt pretty good the whole time I was running- a little sore, but then I hadn’t run double digits since my half marathon last month. I took some photos with my medal at the beach and some more gorgeous sunset photos.

My Unmasked medal…its so cool!
My Gryffindor buddy I did the first 3 miles with
Look at that absolutely gorgeous sunset!

Friday, May 26:

Today my knee started to hurt. I figured it was from the run the previous night, although I have no idea what I could have possibly done to it. Either way I decided to rest it and try to stay off my feet, which is exactly what I did save for the times I was at work. We started our Memorial Day sale this weekend so we were pretty busy!

Saturday, May 27: 

This morning I woke up for a planned 5 miler, but my whole body was just achy. My knee in particular was bugging me; for the first two miles I couldn’t get into a groove and it was pinching a bit and then the last few miles my back was hurting. I felt like I was falling apart! Anyway I made it through my planned 5 miles, although my knee hurt all day afterwards, so I iced it and wore a compression brace most of the day (WTF knee- seriously, we’ve gone all year without an injury let’s not start now right when marathon training is kicking in)!

Funny story- some guy on Instagram named Javier kept commenting on my photo in Spanish. I don’t speak Spanish very well so I kept having to use Google translate to see what he was saying. I also have an employee named Javier who speaks Spanish to me on purpose because he knows I don’t speak Spanish well- it’s kind of a joke between us. I typically answer my employee back in French because we like to confuse each other and playfully insult each other. So i started doing that to this guy because I thought it was my employee playing games with me! But when I called him out on it when he came into work on Saturday night, he told me it wasn’t him and showed me his Instagram profile- which was different than this guys. So I messaged the guy to apologize for messing with him because I thought he was someone else! Oops!

This coming week I’m taking it easy and resting my knee. I downloaded some PT exercises for runner’s knee (because my knee hurts in that same area) and am doing those in my downtime so hopefully taking a few days off will help with this. I’m bummed though because I wanted to start the #37DaysofAwesome run streak that’s starting today from Memorial Day to the 4th of July, but I guess I’ll have to wait until this stupid knee gets better! Hoping that’s soon! I also have my vacation this weekend to look forward to, so hopefully it feels better by Thursday so I can have fun at the Tough Mudder course and in Kentucky this weekend!

How long do you typically wait before seeing a doctor when a random pain pops up? 

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8 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 4: May 21- May 27”

    1. Oh nice well maybe I will see you there! It went away after taking 3 days off.

  1. For me, if the pain didn’t go down with icing, pain relief, and rest for a day, I will go to my GP. Best to be safe than sorry.
    All the best with your Tough Mudder

    1. I took 3 days off and it felt better after the first full day of no running. It seems to be better now, knock on wood it doesn’t return! Maybe a fluke thing…

  2. That Unmasked medal is very cool! I hope your knee issue doesn’t last long. Have you changed from your normal shoes or are you due for a new pair? Was the double digit route you ran on cantered roads? If it is a mild pain, I usually wait on getting medical attention. But those sharp pains that won’t bear weight? I go as fast as I can! Thanks for linking, Montana!

    1. It seems to be better now, thanks Holly! It was more a dull ache and I could still walk and run it was just mildly painful when I did. My shoes shouldn’t be due for a new pair- about 40 miles on the pair I ran the 10 miles in, and I ran a half in them last month with no issues. Not sure what caused it but hope it stays gone!

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