Running Buddies and Life Talks

For the first time in a little while, I had a chance to run with one of my old running buddies. I say old because he seems to never have time to run anymore with his busy schedule. We haven’t always run together. For most of the 4 years I’ve been running I did my own thing- running with friends from local running groups, training for half marathons (of which he says is ridiculous) and so on- while he did his, at random times in between his multiple jobs for a few miles at a time. Despite him being much faster than me on average, I’m the distance runner and have more endurance for longer distances. So we don’t always match up pace or distance wise.

This time as we were running we began talking (like runners do to pass time while we’re slowly killing ourselves in the heat and humidity) and the subject of relationships came up. What makes a good relationship? Why do relationships fail? Honestly he rarely ever talks about his relationship so I was wondering what brought this topic to the forefront of his mind. Turns out, his girlfriend had recently broken up with him and he wanted to know if I thought it could be his fault.

I’ve come to realize a few things about him since having this conversation with him:

  • While he’s frequently busy and works a LOT of the time, he does try to spend time with the people he cares about, mainly his former girlfriend, as much as possible.
  • Sometimes he’s a closed book, but I think it’s kind of like Beauty and the Beast- it took Belle a little while to get to know the Beast, but when she did, she discovered there was a good person hiding under that gruff exterior.
  1. He has a good heart. He may be a secretive at times (trust me I know), and she may get frustrated with what she feels is his lack of communication (phone calls, text messages, etc.) but I think its seriously improved over the last few years especially.

As a result, I’ve realized something. Relationships are hard. There’s really no way to please everyone all of the time. And even if you’re doing your best, its possible that isn’t enough for someone else. Running has provided me with an outlet to think of all of these things- the good and the bad of life. It provides you with clarity and helps you clear out your head when there’s something weighing heavily on your mind. This is what my friend told me; that while running he was able to think more clearly and realize how his past and present have made him the person he is today.

During our runs together I’ve realized that he is pretty cool, funny, smart and like I said before, he has a good heart, even though he makes mistakes sometimes. I’ve really come to enjoy our runs together, as few and far between as they may seem. It passes the time in what would otherwise potentially be a miserable and lonely hour.

So grab your running buddy and go for a run. It might just help you process anything lingering on your mind right now.

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