Vacation? What’s That?

This week’s Friday Five theme is about getting your workouts in while on vacation- well, I can only think of one vacation I’ve taken in the last few years that wasn’t centered around running! Most of my vacations are actually “racecations” so the whole theme is going to run a race. In that respect, I have no issues getting my running in. But I admit I struggle a bit when I’m on a real vacation, like the cruise my family and I took last year. Here are my tips to maintain a running schedule when you’re away:

1. Stick to the same routine you have at home. 

When you’re on vacation, the whole theme is to relax and have fun, but if you pick a few days and stick to the same routine you have while at home it won’t feel so different or challenging to get the miles in. For example, I usually run in the mornings, so on vacation, setting an alarm and waking up to run is normal for me. Of course, you might just wake up like normal without an alarm, but depending on where you vacation that could mean it’s already pretty hot outside by the time you get out for your run, and I’m not a fan of running in the heat.

Still woke up to get a workout in on the cruise

2. If you’re a night runner, plan to run before dinner. 

Sometimes I run in the evenings- the local fun runs in my area typically start at 6 or 6:30. If this is you, I highly suggest running before you eat. The last thing you’ll want to do after eating is get dressed to go for a run and if you’re anything like my family, usually there’s more trips to shops/movies/bars etc. after dinner so by then you know you’re not running anywhere. Plus I don’t like to go for runs in strange places by myself after dark so I try to make sure I get it in while it’s still light outside. Unless I’m on a cruise- then I could run anytime cause it’s not like you can get lost on a boat!

3. Switch up your workouts. 

Some cities have really cool classes that might not be available in your area back home. Research these before you go and plan to take a class so you can experience something different!

Learning Acro Yoga

4. If you’re a gym member, try to find a local studio you can go to. 

I’m a member of both CycleBar and OrangeTheory Fitness, and both are located across America. When I’m on vacation in another city and I want to get my workout in, I look for those places so I can book a class at their studios. Not only will you get to try a workout with a new instructor, but it can sometimes be helpful to motivate you if you’re already signed up and paid for a class in another location. Plus being that both of these are indoor workouts, I can do them anytime. So if I want to sleep in, I can still go to a class around noon or early afternoon because I don’t have to worry about being outside in excessive heat.

5. Ask around in groups about local places to run! 

I love to find new places to run while I’m on vacation. I’m a member of several groups that are specific to running, so I typically post in the groups a few days before I head to a spot to see if anyone in those groups are locals who can recommend some cool running spots. That’s how I found out about the pedestrian bridge to Indiana when I was up in Louisville Kentucky this past weekend. It was definitely a fun experience so I highly recommend getting tips from the locals so you can get excited about potentially running a new spot before hand! I also found some cool stuff along the way so that was a fun trip on foot.

Running the bridge to Indiana!

How do you get your workouts in on vacation? Do you normally take trips for running or do you take actual vacations?

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4 thoughts on “Vacation? What’s That?”

  1. I have done both…taken trips with a race on the schedule, and taken trips “just because.” If there’s not an actual race happening (and I’m gone for more than a few days), I’ll try to run on my own…preferably outside in the daylight hours…not only for safety, but also to see the sights. I also do mini workouts just in my hotel room (I am NOT a gym-going-gal)….circuits with squats, lunges, planks, push-ups, tricep dips, etc.

    1. I’m not normally a fan of the gym either, but I do go to hotel gyms if I have no other choice. Seeing the sights is a fun way to take a running tour of a new city!

    1. It’s much easier to keep doing what you’ve been doing- your body is already conditioned that way!

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