Daily Harvest Review + Discount Code

My friend Krystal shared a code with me for a box of Daily Harvest, a smoothie company that delivers pre-made portions of smoothies, overnight oats and parfaits to your house, with the only requirement that you blend them in the dairy or non dairy product of your choice. I decided to try a box to see if I would like it. Most of the smoothies looked really good so I thought it would be convenient to have on hand if I wanted to test them out.

My first delivery was interrupted by Hurricane Irma, but the company was really great about issuing me a credit to get another box the week after. I had changed things from my initial order, so the products I received were: Cold Brew + Almond smoothie, Mint + Cacao smoothie, Pumpkin + Chai overnight oat bowl, Cinnamon Protein + Banana overnight oat bowl, Chocolate Protein + Triphala parfait and the Chocolate Brownie Batter Sundae. I was really excited to get my first box and try the products so I was really happy when it came right before I went to work! I wasn’t able to try anything right when it arrived because I was headed out the door, but I unpacked it and put everything in my freezer and made my first smoothie when I got home.

The smoothies are extremely easy to make. They are in pre-portioned cups with all the ingredients and all you do is pour milk into the cup (it will tell you to pour 1/2 cup or a full cup of milk or another non dairy alternative) and pour the entire contents into the blender and blend it into a delicious smoothie. The first one I tried was the Mint + Cacao smoothie, which tasted just like a mint frappucino from Starbucks! Honestly, it was that good, but infinitely more healthy for you. On their website, each smoothie comes with nutrition info and will tell you what benefits it has. According to the website, the Mint + Cacao smoothie is good for workout recovery, energizing, cleansing and anti-inflammatory. I made it quite late at night because I worked late that day, but didn’t feel that it energized me to the point that I was unable to sleep after drinking it.

Cacao + Avocado smoothie

The next morning I had the Cinnamon Protein + Banana oat bowl…I forgot to put the milk in it the night before so I cooked this one on the stove and ate it hot. First thing I noticed was it makes a lot of oats. I couldn’t eat them all in one sitting. I ended up taking some with me to work to finish there. I enjoyed this one, even though I’m not too huge a fan of cinnamon tasting things. It was good and didn’t have too overbearing a flavor of cinnamon. I’d order it again. Maybe next time I’d try it cold.

Pumpkin + Chai bowl

Following that, I made the Pumpkin + Chai as overnight oats. I really like pumpkin but this one was slightly overbearing in its pumpkin taste. Maybe it was the fact that I had it cold, but I wasn’t too into the taste. I ended up only eating half of this one.

Finally, thus far at least, I made the Chocolate Brownie Batter sundae. That tasted just like chocolate ice cream. I had a hard time believing that there was zucchini in it, or that the “brownies” were actually made from black beans!

Chocolate Brownie Batter Sundae


  • I really like the convenience of having products delivered directly to my doorstep. It makes the prep work nonexistent and makes it easy for me to make something on the go. This is great for my busy lifestyle!
  • I also enjoy how the healthy smoothies and oats they have taste so good. You would honestly not know some of the things you were eating if you didn’t see it with your own eyes! I definitely want to get that Mint smoothie again because I was speaking the truth above…it’s just like a mint frappucino although without all the sugar and calories!
  • They are great to take to work and on the go. You can pretty much drink them anywhere. I have a nutri-bullet blender, so I just blend them and then put a lid on the cup and bring it with me wherever I go. And the fact that you can blend it with whatever product you want (milk, almond milk, coconut milk, etc.) makes it super easy to customize.


  • Their subscriptions don’t have a lot of options in terms of monthly. The only option to get one delivery a month is to order 24 cups…and I don’t think I’d eat them that often to make that a worthwhile buy. I signed up for the weekly deliveries with 6 cups and the option to skip weeks if I didn’t want to order. I’ve skipped a few weeks and will order my next box in about a week. I still have two of the smoothies I ordered at home and haven’t eaten them yet, so for me 6 cups got me through about two weeks. I would definitely like to see a monthly option with less cups because it does get slightly annoying to have to remember to go on and skip my weekly deliveries when I don’t want to get them.
  • The price…it’s a bit pricey. The 6 cups option is $7.99/cup so it works out to $47.94 a week if you kept ordering weekly. I don’t even think I spend $200 a month in groceries, let alone simply smoothie delivery services. However, if you were to order the monthly box and get 24 cups, it would go down to $6.99/cup but that’s still $167.76 a month in smoothies and bowls. A little more than what I’d like to spend on this currently.

I have another box coming to me in October. At this point, I’ll most likely order weekly boxes and just continue to skip each week I don’t want a box unless they bring in a monthly plan with less than 24 cups. My next box I’m trying a few bowls of oats, one with Blueberry and another with Dragonfruit and some new smoothies, plus one of their soups! They recently added the soups so I figured since it’s fall (though Florida hasn’t yet figured that out) I’d try a soup.

If you want to try it, go to their website and get three cups free with code: THREEFREE

Have you tried a meal delivery service? Did you enjoy it? Pros and cons?

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