RnR Savannah Marathon Training Week 12: 9/18-9/24

Since I recycled a couple weeks of my training plan, now we’re back to week 12 of marathon training. At least this is giving me some extra practice! Linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap!

Monday, September 18: Plan: 6 miles, Actual: 6 miles

Tonight was my weekly group run with the Run Tampa group! We do the Riverwalk in Tampa and it’s usually a pretty nice route. This time I went the entire route, which is 6 miles as opposed to the usual 4. My plan called for 6 miles today anyway so it ended up working out well! I did run a bit faster than I intended but at least I got the mileage in. My Garmin didn’t start until about a 1/2 mile in though, so the data is off…


Tuesday, September 19: Plan: 4×1.5 miles, Actual: Rest

I’ve been swapping my Tuesday and Wednesday workouts lately, so today I didn’t run. After coming off a weekend where I put a total of 26 miles on these legs, that felt pretty damn good! I did work all day so I wasn’t completely stationary.

I figured this was a handy little chart to determine how many tacos you can eat…

Wednesday, September 20: Plan: Rest, Actual: 4×1.5 miles

Basically just swapping Tuesday’s workout and Wednesday’s rest day. This has been working well for me since a group that I like to meet meet’s on Wednesday mornings instead of Tuesday’s so I’m enjoying it.

Thursday, September 21: Plan: 9 mile tempo, Actual: 4 mile tempo

This one was kind of my fault…none of the groups I normally run with had posted about meeting up so I was on my own. I went down to the area in Apollo Beach where we normally run, but as I’m still uncomfortable running by myself in the dark I waited until it was almost sunrise. Being that I waited so late, I only got 4 miles in before I had to get back to the house to get ready for work. As they say, though, a short workout is better than no workout, right?

The view from my run this morning.

Friday, September 22: Plan: Rest, Actual: Rest

Friday’s have been the only day I’ve actually been sticking to rest days for the most part. I swap other days in my training plan, but this day I’ve really been sticking with the rests. I think all summer I only ran once on a Friday night.

Saturday, September 23: Plan: 8 miles easy, Actual: 7.2 miles tempo

Again- I’m bad at curbing my speed. I went with a group and they were slightly faster than me so I was trying to keep up and spent most of the 7 miles running at their pace, which was low 10’s and high 9’s. I actually had two sub 10 minute miles…something I haven’t done much this summer yet! I felt pretty good throughout the duration of this run, except my Achilles started to twitch a bit in the last mile or so. I cut the run a bit short to give it a break because it was feeling wonky and I didn’t want to injure myself.

With this run I hit my 700 miles for the year!!

Sunday, September 24: Plan: 10 miles, Actual: 10 miles

Today was just an easy run again, 10 miles this time instead of 15 or 16. Thank goodness too because I wasn’t feeling up to 16 yesterday. Hell, I wasn’t even feeling up to 10! It was a struggle from the beginning…I’ve learned that I really don’t do well if I’m not running with friends. I literally just hate to run alone and it’s hard to keep going when I’m mentally checked out. When I’m running with friends, at least i have the distraction of talk to keep me from mentally hating the miles. My legs were sore yesterday and I didn’t manage to feel warmed up until mile 3. So pretty much it was a sucky long run. Oh well, there’s always next weekend! I’ve already made plans to meet up with a friend for the 16 miles I have this coming Sunday.

My super confusing Garmin watch…
After my 10 miles on Sunday

This week was ok in training. I had some less than stellar runs and I had some really good runs. I’m almost to 100 miles for September though…all my runs this last week of the month should get me there!

Garmin question: I have the 935 which gives a training “score” based on your HR and VO2 max rates. Lately it’s been telling me I’m “unproductive” even though I’m running faster times than I usually run. My HR is in the red about 50% of the runs I do (due to the heat here I’m assuming because if it weren’t so hot I’m sure I could run these paces much easier). So I know I’m working hard, but my Garmin seems to think I’m not…

I’m not quite sure how it rates this. Honestly it probably shouldn’t be that big of a deal because it’s just a watch and not a huge issue, but it bugs me that after my fastest 7 miles ever on Saturday it still told me I was unproductive and deducted two points from my VO2 max (I went from a 45 to a 43); then following an “easy” paced run on Sunday it added the two points back to my score and told me I was “productive” again! I’m so confused! If anyone has any insight as to how this is calculated, please let me know so I can ease my mind haha!

How’s your training going? What big races are you training for? Does your watch sometimes drive you insane? 

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    1. I’m not quite sure how it measures, because now it says I’m productive. Anyway…I know I’m doing the work!

  1. Apparently, the Garmin penalizes you for working what *it thinks* is too hard based on your HR info. In this heat, it would penalize me on every run! That would definitely irritate me. Running with friends is such a nice distraction for the long runs. I hope you can buddy up this weekend. Thanks for linking!

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